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Let's suppose you were to join NERO.

Here's how your first event would look to you:

You check in at logistics on Friday night. They have given you a small amount of starting money and a card that lists your character's skills and other pertinent information, such as level and body points. You will get a new card at the beginning of each event in order to keep this information accurate and up to date. This helps you, other characters, and Marshals to keep track of vital information should any disputes arise. You will also be given a ring on which to keep your temporary tags, such as spells or critical attacks, and another ring to keep armor and body points. The amount of armor points you have depends on the type of armor you are wearing. Your body points are based on your level and class. After a battle, you must remove points from the tags to keep track of how many points of damage you can still take.

You go to seek out the cabin you have been assigned to or pitch your tent. As you are not a part of an established group, you have been assigned to the Inn. Upon your arrival there, you must negotiate a price for your room with the Innkeeper. He charges you a silver. You'd better get out and find some money, or you'll be trying to arrange for credit tomorrow night! The game begins. You hear the Duke make some pronouncements about visitors from Volta due into town, and see some other Nobles returning from trips to Evandarr City. It all seems less important than the lightness of your purse.

You start over to the Tavern, thinking about methods for making more money. Your thoughts are interrupted by a low growl in the darkness to your right. You pull your shortsword and back up, peering into the darkness. Orcs! Three of them. You start to backpeddle, screaming for help. Answering shouts come to you, but you are unsure they will be in time, as the Orcs advance quickly. You lunge at the one on your left and as he falls back, you dart between them, taking a hit on the back as you go. The Orc calls "Three Normal!". There goes some of your armor.

Your character is a Templar, and you have spells as well as weapon skills. As you take your stance again, you ready the little cloth bag filled with bird seed that represents spells in NERO. "With Mystic Force I Pin you!", you scream as you hurl your spell packet at the Orc on the left. It hits him full in the chest, and he jerks to a stop as his right foot sticks to the ground. You grab the hilt of your sword again while the packet is still in the air. You don't have many spells, but that one took one of the Orcs out of the fight, at least. You cut at the nearest Orc, calling "Two Normal!". This is the number of points of damage you do with a swing of a shortsword. As you gain levels, you will be able to raise that number, or you could invest the points in spells. The Orc blocks your swing with his longsword, and calls "Three Normal!" You duck under his swing and hit him with a flurry of blows, and he falls. You turn to look for the other Orc. You find he is laying on his back, a figure in long robes standing over him. A third person, a sneaky looking woman, has just slaughtered the Orc you had Pinned. You look around quickly. Other townspeople, attracted by the fighting, turn away to go back to their business.

You approach the man in the black robes. He is searching the body of the Orc he took down. He takes a small pouch out of the furs the Orc is wearing and looks at you warily. You realize he is wondering if you will challenge his right to spoils, but you are so relieved that he assisted you that you say "Welcome, friend. And many thanks for your assistance."

He looks at the woman and back at you."No problem. But we'd better get out of here. It's not safe."

The three of you head over to the Tavern. The Tavern is bustling: members of groups are greeting each other boisterously, and the gypsies are starting to play and dance over by the fireplace. Even the Countess is sitting in the corner listening intently to her Senechal as those around them try to look as if they aren't trying to eavesdrop. After being seated, introductions are made. The man in robes is named Marak, and the woman is called Cerrill. You find a seat and begin talking. They are new in town, too, and you decide to form an adventuring group.

Marak pulls out the pouch he took from the Orc, and, after glancing about to make certain you are unwatched, you look through the contents. Inside are three silver, a Formal Magic component, and a map. Suddenly you hear a huge ruckus from outside, and the cry goes up that undead are attacking. You hear the sounds of the Barons assembling their Knights, and decide to stay inside and let them handle it. You turn back to look more closely at your spoils. There are strange runes on the map, and you set out to decipher them. After discussion, you decide to follow the map the next day.

Thus begins a NERO weekend. What you do, where you go, and when you do it are all up to you. The choices are all yours.

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