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What Should I Bring To The Event?

Here is a list of useful items to bring to your first (and subsequent) NERO events.   Remember that items such as clothing will differ depending on the time of year.   Of course you don't have to bring everything listed below.

Costuming - Cloaks, dresses, skirts, shirts, period-looking jewelry, pants, belts.

Armor - Chain, leather, arm/leg guards, coifs.

Weapons - NERO-safe weapons, extra duct tape and parts to make weapons - many break!

Spell packets - Cloth (orange for gasses), birdseed, elastics, extra packets (white with NPC written on them) for NPC camp.

Clothes - Warm undergarments, sleepwear, waterproof socks, sturdy boots, extra clothes for those rainy events, long underwear, extra socks, scarves, gloves.

Toiletries - Sinks, showers, and bathrooms are available.  Bring cosmetics, towels, shower shoes, medicines, inhalers, makeup remover, mirror, first aid kit, bug repellant.

Racial Items - Makeup, ears, horns, feathers, fur, claws, tails, teeth, Spirit Gum.

In-Game Items - Money, journals, spell books, personal tokens/items, magic items (and tags), components.

Bedding - Sleeping bags, blankets, pillows.

Money - For any trips off-site if you forget anything, for food in the Tavern, for registrations.

Resources - Rule book, players guides, website information, newsletters.

Extras - Firewood, food, space heaters, props, items your character might use, traps, gifts, garbage bags.

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