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What is NERO all about?

According to the Boston Globe, NERO "blends elements of the legend of Robin Hood, classical fantasy fiction such as Lord of the Rings, improvisational theatre, epic of King Arthur, tabletop games like Dungeons and Dragons, Renaissance fair and maybe a little psychodrama." It's all of these and more. NERO is trying to recreate the Days of Legends as we would like them to be, not as they actually were. NERO is new, different and exciting, and therefore hard to categorize.

How did NERO get started?

NERO began as a Boston Boy Scout Explorer troop in the late 80's and keeps it's scouting ties even to this day. NERO now has 12 Active chapters across the country. Some of these locations include Pittsburgh, Texas, New York and Northern California. Membership in a local chapter allows your player character to participate in any chapter event nation wide.

What happens on a NERO weekend event?

When you come to a NERO weekend event at the Orange, CT site the game will begin Friday night at about 9 PM. From that point on until the game ends on Sunday afternoon (Monday afternoon on long weekends) there is no stopping; not for dinner, sleeping, or anything short of an emergency. Adventuring will be going on around you at all times, and sometimes something as simple as traveling from your cabin to the tavern can be a matter of life and (game) death.

What is the plot like?

The plot is continuous and ever changing, due partly to imaginative players. It is open-ended and runs from event to event, so if a plot thread isn't resolved by the end of the event it will be picked up at the next one. There are always fearsome monsters lurking both inside and out of the town proper, and plenty of political intrigue within. Since you will play the same character from event to event, your own plots will soon interact with others and you will soon be in the thick of things.

How safe is NERO?

No one has ever been seriously injured using our padded swords. The worst injuries we have ever had were caused by people running into trees and tripping over stumps in the dark. Our insurance company has commented the NERO has had less injuries that a little league softball team. Every NERO event we have at least one EMT on duty at all times.

Are there sword fights?

Lots of them! Using NERO approved padded weapons made from PVC pipe and foam pipe insulation covered with duct tape and cloth. You will test your swashbuckling skills against the mightiest in the kingdom at tournaments, or perhaps come to the aid of a wounded friend outnumbered by nasty trolls. You could even rescue a damsel in distress. Each type of weapon is assigned an amount of damage the weapon type does. In addition, each person will have a certain amount of "hit points" based on their skills and type of armor worn. As you attack you call out the amount of damage the swing inflicts (2 normal for a short sword). As you are struck, you subtract the amount by which you have been hit from you hit points and armor points. When you reach zero you fall unconscious, you better hope there is someone nearby with a healing spell!

Is there magic?

You bet! Merlin himself would be proud. We represent magical spells with small beanbags filled with birdseed. To cast a spell you say a small phrase (such as "I call forth a magic missile" or "I call upon the earth to cure light wounds"), and throw the packet at your target. If you say the words correctly and hit your target, the spell works. If you miss with either, the spell fails.

How do you decide what skills my character can have?

We don't - you do. You "buy" your own skills with the experience points that you earn for attending events. These skills allow you to improve your character's abilities. Because each player picks skills based on his or her own desires, no two characters are alike. Skills include magical spells, alchemy, magical potion and scroll creation, trap disarming, and various weapon skills.

How do I earn experience?

You are automatically given a basic number of XP for each event based on you current skill level. XP over that amount is represented by game money, and you can earn that through a variety of methods. You can sell the scrolls and potions you have made; you can hire yourself out as a bodyguard or door guard at the tavern; you can entertain at the tavern for tips; you can blackmail somebody-you are limited only by your imagination (and the game rules).

How good need my costume be?

All we ask is that you make an attempt at a costume. It need not be more than a simple piece of cloth two feet wide and six feet long with a hole cut in the center. Wear it with a belt around the middle and you have a passable tabard. Don't wear neon colors, t-shirts, sunglasses and such. Dark colored sweats suits are a good start. NERO has merchants who can sell you costumes and armor and some will even take orders.

How do I write a character history?

Part of the fun of NERO is creating a history for you character which will help you to play your character appropriately when confronted with game situations. You can not start off the game as nobility or with great wealth or magic items (or with anything else that would place your character above other starting characters), but other than that you are free to create your own personality.

Do I have to play a Human?

The world of NERO is mainly filled with humans, but there are other races to choose from, including Drae the mysterious race of dark elves, Hoblings-peaceful furry little creatures, Sarr-a felinoid race descended from large hunting cats, and a myriad of others.

Can I be a monster?

NPC characters such as monsters and various "travelers" are directed by the Monster Master. If you wish to play a monster on a weekend, you do not have to pay to attend (you must be a member of course). In exchange, you play the role you are assigned.

What about religion?

Although religion played a large role in actual medieval life, we do not wish to offend anyone's beliefs. There is no religion in a NERO game. There are no fantasy gods or demons, and players are not allowed to create their own.

How do you do traps?

Traps are usually electronic in nature. You will have to open the box (or door) slowly and check for threads or wires or other methods of releasing the trap. If you are able to cut a string, remove a battery clip, or otherwise prevent the trap from bussing, ringing, or making a noise, you have disarmed it. The other option is simply opening the trap....and hoping your friends are not standing too close (insert nasty Ka-boom here).

How do you pick a lock?

With your tools. We use simple locks on our doors and boxes and with the proper tools and picks (available from certain shifty individuals in the game), you should with practice be able to become adept a getting past those pesky locks and traps. Note that if you haven't bought the skill "pick locks" then you are not even allowed to try.

What's in the Rulebook?

The 122 page Rulebook lists all the rules and spells you would need for the game. In addition, there are sections describing the fantasy world your character will live in as well as sections full of advice on how to play your character and how to best gain experience. You will learn about the cultures of the various NERO races and countries, how to make a NERO sword, how our pseudo-medieval society works, what the monsters are like - and the whole thing is full of photos and illustrations.

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