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NERO LARP Regions, Staff Positions and Responsibilities



The Regions of NERO

North East

NB, Me, NH, MA, Boston, North CT, Ashbury/Avendale/Neridia, NJ, (Kingston NY), (VT)

Central East


South East

NNG, NSGA, NETN, NSCA, Memphis, Alabama, (Middle Tenn)

Central East

Ohio, WV, Huntington, Central Ohio, (Akron)

Central South

DFW, Epic, Southwest, Bexar, (Beaumont)

Central North

Iowa, Midwest, Chicago, Kzoo, Toronto, (Indiana)


CA, Las Vegas, Colorado, South Colorado, (Oregon), (Wash)


Regional Manager

The Regional Manager Responsibilities are;

A:    Track the completion of the tasks associated with adding a New Chapter into the NERO® Organization and Game Structures.

·         Coordinate the addition of the In-Game area to the In-Game map

·         In-Game Summary required for national web site

·     Did they receive their 50 NERO Rule Books?

·     2K Gold, 2K Silver, and Orders thereafter are delivered on-time.

·     Filemaker Pro databases are Received

·     Web Site setup, and password received

·     Business book received – the book on royalties, administration costs associated with being a a part of the NERO® national insurance coverage, monthly earnings statement, etc.

·         NeroLarp.Net access provided – Assures that the owner has access to this Confidential site for Owners, National staff, and select Local Staff to look at the policies that the games are run under, to keep the playing field as level as possible among all players.

B:    Act as the first point of contact to Answer all questions

C:    Support Events with role-play intensive NPC’s

D:    Present unresolved challenges to Joseph in a bi-weekly summary for resolution.

E:    Acquire confirmation from chapters regarding changes made to policies. The NERO® Office will generally issue a statement that takes effect at least 30 days out. The Regional Manager will acquire confirmation from the chapter owners and GM’s that they read and understood what was written.

World of Tyrra Storyline Team: This groups main focus is on tracking the storylines that are operated with these lands mentioned, and ensuring that all levels of review are completed in a timely manner.

NERO LARP Member: As a Member, you are responsible for adhering to All Policy & Rules including the NERO LARP Sportsmanship Policies. Go here to find out about our NERO Membership.

Database Administrators: As a database administrator, you are responsible for performing updates to members characters on, who are within your area, and some without, upon requests by Coordinators or Members.

Convention Coordinator: NERO has a presence at all of the major Conventions in the U.S. and are introducing ourselves to the Canadian market now. We need our members to help! We operate multiple events throughout the convention, usually 4-10 for up to 20 people, and need your support in volunteering to play a role and attending the convention in your nicest costume and stopping by to say hello to the NERO Gang! Contact Rebecca King to be placed on our Convention Volunteer list! View our Master Convention List Here! View Our Convention Staff

Advertising and Marketing Coordinator: NERO requires quality Advertisements for Conventions such as GenCon IN, Origins, DragonCon, Icon, Arisia, GenCon CA, TorCon, and Magazines such as Dragon, Dungeon, Realms of Fantasy, and others.  We also require Coordinator to help us distribute these to the local gaming stores. Contact Rebecca King if you are interested in helping to create advertisements or in spreading the word about NERO to your area.

Writer: NERO is always looking for people to write exciting and fascinating stories. NERO storylines involve mystery and adventure with riddles, puzzles & other challenges such as defeating mythological creatures such as Goblins Trolls and Orcs, overcoming obstacles to accomplish a goal, and so much more. Stories will be used as background for adventures, races, cultures, Artifacts, or many more. Contact Joseph Valenti to join the NERO LARP National Storyline Team!

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