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NERO® International Holding Co., Inc.

The Live Adventures Company

Live Adventure™


(Updated 10/15/2006)


The Live Adventures Company has operated Live Adventure™ events at campgrounds and game conventions since 1989. With nearly 50 franchises across North America operating more than 300 weekend-long events each year, we are the premier Live Action Role Playing (LARP) company in the world today.


In January of 2010, Joseph Valenti and the NERO Office opened a GA LARP Park in Barnesville GA on a sprawling 20 Acres.


Live Adventure™ events most often take place at campground-like facilities that are decorated like movie sets to look like a fantasy medieval city. Writers (also called “Game Masters”) create mysteries that must be solved, and storylines with tasks to be completed.


Event Actors lead each storyline while interacting with the players, giving them hints and clues to the mysteries. Players create a fantasy character based on LARP game rules, dress up in medieval clothing, and interact with other players and the Event Actors. They take it upon themselves to complete the quests and tasks presented by putting the hints and clues together, thus getting a chance to become the Hero or Heroine for the weekend.


Joseph Valenti purchased NERO on August 03, 1998. Since 1998, NERO has become the premier LARP Promoter in North America - having expanded into many different venues including advisor to other LARP's, LARP Award Show Producer, Country-Wide LARP Game promoter, LARP Magazine Sponsor, and Live Adventure games List administrator to name but a few.


Please feel free to call or e-mail us or call us (914) 309 - 7718 to arrange an interview or onsite appearance by Joseph and/or his staff.


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