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Goblin Point Awards for Donations Policy

NERO is a Volunteer Organization. We make things work using the energy and resources of our members.

We accept donations from our members so that we can run the best game, with the best props, that we can, at a low yet reasonable cost.

We encourage all NERO Members to participate in some capacity at all of the NERO LARP Chapters they patronize, and we reward those members who do for it with Goblin Points.

Goblin Points can be used for many things, including 1) the purchase back of deaths; 2) the purchase of up to 100 levels of production equipment per month; 3) the purchase of Weekly Goblin Blanket of Experience for your character; 4) the purchase of Silver, up to 100, per month provided the chapter permits it; 

This page contains the awards associated with the different donations.

NERO Chapters may make 5 items HOT, per month, which allows the chapter to give 50% more goblin points for the item.

This is a list of Items that Members may donate, and the maximum amount of Goblin Points Members may receive for their Donations.

Items will be added to this list each month, as we receive more items to place on it.

All NEROŽ Chapters agree to remain within these maximum limits.
NEROŽ Goblin Point Award Maximums
Being a NERO Member 0 Per Membership Purchase or Renewal
Bringing In a New Member 50 Per New Member With Paid Membership
Working a Convention 8 hours or more 100 In One Day
Working a Convention 4 to 8 hours 50 In One Day
Working a Convention up to 4 hours 25 In One Day
Section I: Weapons    
A. PVC Core    
Single Handed Weapons  30 Each
Two Handed Weapons  60 Each
Weapons Needed    
1. Long Sword/Mace/Axe 30 Each
2. Short Sword/Mace/Axe 30 Each
3. Spear 30 Each
7. Bow/Crossbow 30 Each
5. Two-Handed Sword/Blunt 60 Each
6. Polearm 60 Each
B. Ultra-lite Core    
Single Handed Weapons  50 Each
Two Handed Weapons  80 Each
Weapons Needed    
1. Long Sword/Mace/Axe 50 Each
2. Short Sword/Mace/Axe 50 Each
3. Spear 50 Each
4. Dagger 50 Each
5. Two-Handed Sword/Blunt 80 Each
6. Polearm 80 Each
7. Bow/Crossbow 50 Each
8. Other 50 Each
C. Shield    
1. Wood 40 Each
2. Ultra-lite 40 Each
D. Spell/Alchemy Packets    
With NPC Written on Them 1 Per 3 Packet
Without NPC written on them  1 Per 5 Packet
E. Other    
TARPS 20 for  8' x 8'
TARPS 30 for 15' x 8'
TARPS 40 for 20' x 8'
Fog Machine 100 Each
Rope Lights 10' 25 for 10 foot
Rope Lights 20' 40 for 20 foot
Rope Lights 30' 60 for 30 foot
Make-up - squeeze Tube   10 Each
Make-up - Pancake  20 Each
Section II: Armor    
A. Full Suit    
1. Platemail 1200 Per Suit
2. Chainmail 600 Per Suit
3. Leather 500 Per Suit
B. Shirt Only    
1. Platemail 400 Per Shirt
2. Chainmail 200 Per Shirt
3. Leather 200 Per Shirt
C. Bracers/Greaves    
1. Platemail 100 Per Pair
2. Leather 75 Per Pair
Section III: Props    
A. Products purchased    
Light Stick 5 Per Stick
Trap Phys-reps, Wood Box 25 Per Box
Metal Engraver (Battery or Plug In) 25 Each
Specific Plot Oriented Prop 50 Each
Jewelry, 1 piece 5 Each
BackDrop, 8x8 sheet w/ Trees 50 Each
Scroll Physreps 1 Per 3 Reps. must be 8" x 4" w/ Large Words
Section IV: Costuming    
A. Latex Mask 30 Each
B. Shirts 50 Each
C. Pants 50 Each
D. Cloaks 100 Each
E. All Other 30 Each
Section V: Direct Labor:    
Dedicated Staff: 50 Per Month of the Year Toward Goblin Blanket
Dedicated Staff  100 Per Month Toward Production Only - Does Not Accumulate
Dedicated Staff 100 Per Month Toward Death Buyback Only -  Does Not Accumulate
A. NPCing    
Regular 2 day Weekend Event 50 Plus 2 Event Blankets for Event
Long 3 day Weekend Event 50 Plus 3 Event Blankets for Event
Long 7 Day Event 50 Plus 1 Event Blanket per Full Game Day
Revel, Fair, Etc. - 1 Day 50 Plus 1 Event Blankets for Event
Revel, Fair, Etc. - 2 Day 50 Plus 2 Event Blankets for Event
Module Day 50 Plus 1 Event Blanket for Event
4 Hour Shift at Events 50 Turns into a Weekend Goblin Blanket
Set-up for an event 25 Minimum 2-hours help
Clean-up for an event 25 Minimum 2-hours help
Campsite Clean-up day 50 Minimum 4-hours help

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