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Dragon Points

The NERO Prize Showcase contains a list of most of the merchandise that NERO is giving away through its Awards and Recognition program and as prizes for the Sword Fighters Guild. Each item is assigned a Prize Point value and also a Prize Category.  The Prizes in the Showcase are available for purchase by NERO Members, Tournament Competitors, and any other person who happened to have won, been assigned, or collected NERO Prize Points.

Dragon Points were developed to support the many programs in place that grant awards or prizes for achieving excellence. Dragon Points are awarded instead of, or in conjunction with, specific 'prize' items. The individuals receiving the Dragon Points will then use the catalog or go online and choose from the selection and have that item shipped to their door.

NERO Members and Sword Fighters Guild Members earn Dragon Points which can be spent on a variety of different things from NERO LARP Memberships to NERO Sword Fighters Guild Memberships, Gift Certificates.

Dragon Points are earned by;

*    Placing 1st, 2nd, or 3rd in Sword Fighters Guild Tournaments;

*    Defeating a Sword Fighting Champion in a one on one duel;

*    Managing a Sword Fighters Guild Tournament;

*    Volunteering for the SFG at Science Fiction / Game Conventions

Dragon Points may be saved indefinitely and never expire.

Benefits of using Dragon Points include;

* reduction in products and awards brought to shows and expo's - decreased shipping.
* winners get something they want since they can choose it from a group of prizes.
* Dragon Points can be applied to almost any program.

Dragon Points are used to purchase merchandise from the Dragon's Horde.


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