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Joe Valenti is a maniac

he is out of control and must be stopped

No caption necessary

Cute kids pose like statues

A Salvatore Dali statue

Dan becomes famous art

the boys ride the London Eye

the escalator at Harrod's was unbelievable

Noah and Dan at the International Beer Fest

a nice Irish family we met in London

At the Sherlock Holmes Museum

Dan tries out Sherlock's hat, pipe, and chair

Dan converses with Dr. Watson

Dan is always up to something

creeeeeeeeepy wax statues



Adonis Breeman is an NPC Joe Valenti plays. I couldn't resist this picture.

Amsterdam is filled with bikes

another bust we saw

Amsterdam bust in the park

Canals of Amsterdam

couldn't resist


on the bus

Holland is very flat

Noah and Dan versus Giant Ants

Our phat hotel room

hotel room bust


NY Pizza store

Rembrant statue

scenic canals

Cathedral in the Red Light district

Sonic Death Monkey?

Van Gogh gallery




"Nazis Raus" roughly means "Get out,, Nazis"

landscape with power plant

ubiquitous windmills of Germany

Joe insists that we are not lost

Joe actually thinks he knows where he's going

Dan is tired of being in the car

WW2 Museum

Joe V vs Jon Wayne


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