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NERO® Formal Magic System©

Copyright Ó 1997-2004 by Tri State LARP, Inc. All Rights Reserved

Release Copy

Version: August 1999

Modified: August 3, 1999

This is the NERO Formal Magic System. You may DOWNLOAD the  PDF File Now!

Many people have worked very hard contributing to the development of these rules.  They won't satisfy everyone, but we'll have a consistent set of rules to work from.  Such consistency is crucial for players to be able to easily take equipment from chapter to chapter.

Here are some significant points in this version:

* Weapons can be a maximum of +3
* There are specific scrolls to create extended Circles of Power
* Investitures are on the circle, not the person
* A maximum of 5 formal effects per item or spirit
* Rare and Singular components are no longer required (except for
  Greater Extend - the two-year extend - which needs one power)
* Anything not conforming to these rules must be marked as Local Chapter Only.


Clarified that a batch can only include one target.  This prevents the creation of lots of items using only one extend.
Added the plot-transform option to the individual Transform scrolls.
c.)    If a chapter rejects this formal magic system then they are prohibited from putting out Unrestricted tags for magic items.

There are some noticeable holes:
What can be Summoned at the various levels?
What can someone be Transformed into?
What Golems are there?

Without a standard national monster manual, those two issues are quite open.  They will be filled as time allows.  NERO expects to have standard Summon, Transform and Golem creatures by October 1, 1999.


These rules are effective as of August 1, 1999 for all NERO Chapters.  Any equipment issued by plot committees must conform by these rules or be marked as LCO.  In addition, any formal magic castings must be made using these rules. 

Chapters should begin a review of existing tags to see if there are any Unrestricted tags that don't conform to the rules.  There is a provision that tags issued before August 1, 1999 are not subject to the 5-effect limit or duration, but some tags might disagree with the rules in other ways. For example, some weapons have damage auras over +3.  These disagreements should be resolved as soon as the chapter can accommodate the retagging.  We suggest that the items be 'modified' to be in agreement with the rules, or be marked as LCO. 

After August 1, 1999 chapters are not required to accept items from other chapters if they don't conform to these rules.  Chapters are requested to allow a 2-month grace period (until October 1, 1999) during which time tags are handled on a case-by-case basis. This grace period will allow for orderly retagging.

Remember, LCO means Local Chapter Only.  Items with LCO marked on them can ONLY be used in the chapter of origin.

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