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Advice for Estate Holders, By


Structures: Approximate Guidelines For Estates with regard to Structures

The Goal for each estate is to have all of the structures and businesses that it can, to increase the Quality of Life to 10. Typically when frontier land is taken by an expedition, the minimum structures and businesses needed for surviving are funded to establish living conditions and then the remainder of the structures and businesses are built thereafter.


Most Estate’s have a main Structure, usually a Keep, Citadel, or Fortress, that all other Structures are centered around. Everything needed to support the inhabitants are comprised of the people surrounding the keep, be they close or far from the main structure.


Each Estate will have one Rating for Each Structure.

Each estate typically contains three Trade Items being produced.

Each Estate Has a Defense Rating, how well does the Estate hold up against a destructive force?                                                                             

Each Estate is hit with a Natural Occurrence each month, that may or may not be harmful or beneficial to the estate. A Mob of Ogres attacking a farm and destroying it could suck up the yield of the estate for 5 months to come, with all the rebuilding expenses.

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