The Kingdom of Quentari

(Taken from: A Guide to Traveling Across Tyrra, by Mme Zara, Guildmaster, Ravenholt Astrologers Guild. Original to be found in Ember's Library of Ravenholt) 

Quentari- The homeland of the Quentari Elves, this lush country sits on the shores of the Great Lake Quentari, which is about one hundred and fifty miles long and fifty miles wide, almost and inland sea. It is a land of rolling meadows and pastures, deep forests, quiet ponds and pools, and hidden places known only to the elves.

            It has few cities, since the Quentari prefer to live in small settlements in the forest, particularly the great primeval Taursiloriel Forest, which borders the Rinmor, (also Rintir) swamp, and feeds the river of the same name. To the north, the Green Mountains separate Quentari form Niman. The capital city of Quentari is Din-Oth, which is located within the Taursiloriel Forest. It is considered one of the architectural wonders of the entire continent of Avalon, because it was designed to be in such harmony with its surroundings that each building and avenue appears to be a natural outgrowth of the forest itself.

Travelers to Din-Oth consider its greatest marvel to be the living sculptures which grace the city. These are arrangements of shapes and figures, made of the wood of living trees which the Quentari shape into form as they grow. Some have been evolving for thousands of years as each of the succeeding generations of the long-lived elven sculptors carefully nurture the masterpieces begun by their masters many centuries earlier.

            The other major Quentari city is Helevorn, which lies on the shore of Lake Helevorn in the South. It houses the Elven Institute of Learning and Magic, which many consider to be the best and most ancient repository of arcane lore on Tyrra. Reputed to be located here is the fabled Black Tower, from which came the magicks necessary to defeat the might of the Elemental Hordes in the First Dimensional War. (Dagorim Gurthrauko)

            The present ruler of Quentari is King Mirtaur Ar-Din, the eldest of the twin sons of Elenaro, who is also the father of Duchess Morganna Ravenhurst, wife of Duke Basil of Ravenholt. One the Crown Princess of Quentari, and her father's heir, she has renounced her claim to the elven throne and has chosen to remain with her husband as a human.  

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