These Treatises are all from Adventurers and Nobles of Evendarr, Neridia, Avalon, and Beyond.


A Treatise on Good and Evil

A Treatise on Cantrip Spell Magic

A Treatise on Remaining Free of Outside Influences

An Introduction to Sekki Benki

The Storyteller, An Ancient Writing about Tyrra

A treatise on Self Consciousness Through Reflection

An Elemental Treatise (575ER)

A Treatise on Rifts and Gates (599ER)

An Elemental Treatise on the 4th Cycle

A Nimani Treatise On Slavery

A Treatise on Advanced Magical Theory

Authors: This information was Developed from 1989 to 1993 by Mark Perneta, Frank Moore, Adam Saris, Fran Moore, Beth Martin, Andy French, Tim Gile, Ken Ames, & Ford Ivey. In 1998, 1999, and 2000 there have been Additions by Joseph Valenti, Matt Sims, Mike Fenton and Sean Griffin and many others.


A Treatise on Self-Consciousness through Reflection
Excerpts from The Ascent of the Self
Author, Dan Comstock with credit to Hegel