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Chapter 1:  History & Maps
The World of Tyrra Map©
Overview of the World of Tyrra
The Tyrran Cosmology©
The Laws of Avalon & Evendarr©
The Accords of Avalon©
The Geography of Avalon
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The Tyrran Timeline to 600ER©

Most Recent News Around Tyrra©

The Barbarian Race Handbook©
The Biata Race Handbook©
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The Elven Quentari Handbook©
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The Sarr Race Handbook©
The Stone Elf Handboo
The Wild Elf Handbook©
The Drae Race Culture Handbook©
Mystic Wood Elf Handbook

Kingdom of Evendarr Dreadlands©

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Chapter 2:  Government
The Crest of the Nations of Avalon©
Kingdom of Evendarr TOC
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Kingdom of Quentari©
Kingdom of Avendale©
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Chapter 3: Military
Evendarr Royal Marines©
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Evendarr Military College©

Chapter 4: Who is Who
More Recent News Around Tyrra©
Who is Who on Avalon©
Those Most Notable©
Criminals of Avalon©
Evendarrian Nobles 601ER©

Chapter 5: Archives
Tyrran Journal
Tomes & Treatises


This is a Work In Progress. There will be many works placed among this timeline, written by many authors. Return frequently to review our written findings. We will keep those works that are 30 days old or less in Red.

Loa Thloestel 191, 25th day of May: JOURNAL OF MORATHAK CALENOR

Comprehensive Tyrran Timeline


In the year (-2587) the Elves were first known to have existed upon Tyrra.
In the year (-637) the Eledhel, or Surface Elves, return to the surface and the Vornedhel or Dark Elves, remain underground.

In the year (-237) several Kyralia clans, or Stone Elves, leave for parts unknown and found Stonewood Forest.

In the year (-237) the Dwarves and the Trolls are encountered in the underground. War begins immediately.

In the year (-137) clan leaders Mithsuliae Fornarl and Daeshimril Ar-Din mate. Clans of Quentari begin to unify.


Cycle I    Years 1-576               

Cycle I    Year 1 (1)                          LM1 – The elven clans unite and form the Quentari Nation. Mithsuliae Fornarl  Ar-Din is coronated as Tari (Queen), and she declares her mate Daeshimril Ar-Din as Aran (King), beginning the Ar-Din reign.

Cycle I    Year 74 (74)            LM 74 - Wood Elves separate from the Quentari Nation and travel to the south of Eringol

Cycle I    Year 327 (327)        LM 327/LV1 - Tari Mithsuliae Fornarl  dies her final death. Vraenilmith Ar-Din succeeds her as Aran.

Cycle I    Year 533 (533)        LV 206 - Trolls arrive on the surface, driven out of their caverns by Dwarves. Beginning of the Troll Wars, or Dakona Torogoth

Cycle I    Year 535 (535)        LV 208 - Troll Wars end, but peace is not obtained.  Battles with trolls still occur

Cycle II    Years 577 - 1152

Cycle II    Year 353 (930)             LV 303/LL 1 - Aran Vraenilmith dies his final death, he is succeeded by Tari Lomegil Ar-Din
Cycle III    Years  1153-1728

Cycle III  Year 354 (1507)            LL 577/LG 1 - Tari Lomegil dies her final death, and is succeeded by Tari Golaeril Ar-Din

Cycle IV    Years 1729-2304

Cycle IV     Year 1 (1729)                            LG 223 - Dwarves first venture above ground to find a site for a new Hold and first meet with Quentari elves during battles with Trolls


Cycle IV    Year 35 (1763)          LG 269 - First Human settlements are encountered

Cycle IV    Year 269 (1997)        LG 490/LN 1 - After the final death of Tari Golaeril, Aran Noreyanta Ar-Din ascends the Quentari throne

Cycle IV    Year 576 (2304)        LN 308 -  1st Dwarven Daughterhold established at the Bearded Caves in the Tower Hills

Cycle V    Years   2305 - 2880                

Cycle V    Year 1 (2305             LN 309 - Dwarves establish formal relations with Quentari

Cycle V    Year 29 (2333           LN 337 - 2nd Dwarven Daughterhold established at Sweetwater (Kitheria)

                                                LN 344 Trade relations are established between the Quentari and the Dwarves

Cycle V    Year 114 (2418)        2nd Dwarven daughterhold dedicated in ceremony

Cycle V    Year 296 (2600)           LN 604/LE 1 – Aran Noreyanta dies his final death and is succeeded by Aran Eathalion Ar-Din

Cycle V    Year 529 (2733)           LE 134 - Elven Institute of Learning and Magiks founded at Helevorn. The Quentari institute became the center of attention by all scholars and academics when Magic use began to escalate. The Quentari named the institute Helevorn Araminas Valagolodh, which when translated into common means Black-glass Royal-tower of Magic-and-knowledge.

Cycle V    Year 599 (2803)           LE 204 - Barbarians hordes were first encountered in the Northern Wastes.

Cycle VI    Years 2881 – 3456

Cycle VI    Year 814 (3018)     LE 419-  Dwarves dedicate Sweetwater Hold in a formal ceremony. For the first time, they invite another people to join them in the celebration, the Elves.

Cycle VI    Year 277 (3157)                             LE 558/LA 1 – Aran Eathalion dies his final death and Tari Anganar Ar-Din ascends the Qunetari throne.

Cycle VI    Year 423                          3303                             LA 147 – Hobling settlements are encountered

Cycle VII        Years 3457 - 4032                 

Cycle VII    Year 106 (3563)        LA 407 - 3rd Dwarven Daughterhold established at Hammerfall in the Grey Hills.

Cycle VII    Year 236 (3693)        LA 537 - Lizardmen began to explore the surface, are encountered, and war upon the surface dwellers

Cycle VII    Year 346 (3803)        LA 647/LC 1 - Beginning of the Lizardman War with Quentari after Tari Anganar dies her final death fighting

the Lizards’ forces. Tari Calrielle Ar-Din ascends the Quentari throne.

Cycle VII    Year 356 (3813)        LC 10 - End of the Lizardman War, an uneasy truce is negotiated by Calrielle’s son, Erinar (Crown Prince) Thloestel

Cycle VIII    Years 4033 - 4608                 

Cycle VIII Year 193 (4226)        LC 423/LT 1 - Aran Thloestel ascends the Quentari throne after the final death of Tari Calrielle

Cycle VIII Year 233 (4266)        LT 40 - Barbarians arrive on Tyrra

Cycle VIII Year 348 (4370)        LT 145 - Tarlov y'Koharitan born

Cycle VIII Year 384 (4416)        LT 191 - Dakona Yeniathon (War of the Great Cycle) begins as the Great Turtle Cycle ends and the Great Dragon Cycle begins. Terrible snows and unnatural cold bring monsters and Lesser Elementals out in hordes. There is quite a bit of fighting throughout the continent of Avalon with one of the largest concentration in the far south and west of Quentari.

Cycle VIII Year 386 (4418)        LT 193 - Galavier Ar-Din born

Cycle VIII Year 388 (4420)        LT 195 - 4th Dwarven Daughterhold established at Steaming Hold in the Arawyn Mountains of Blackstone

LT 246 - Steaming Hold is overrun by trolls, orcs, and goblins

LT 247 - Steaming Hold is retaken, with help from the Hoblins. Its name is changed to Alloyed Hold

Cycle VIII Year 534                       4566                             LT 341 – Arienwen Cyllinith, Daughter to Elenaro and Cullrile Cyllinith is born

Cycle X    Years 4609 - 5184                 

Cycle IX Year 12                            4620                             LT 395 - Aran Thloestel goes to the graveyard of the four winds after his Final Death. A New tradition is begun; a 1 year mourning period after the final death of the monarch before the crowning ceremony of the new monarch.

Cycle IX Year 13                            4621                             LG 1 - Aran Galavier Ar-Din ascends the throne. Elven calendar resets at 1 LG

LG 4 - Aran (King) Galavier lifemates Aereil and she becomes Tari (Queen)

Cycle IX Year 27                            4635                             LG 15 - Tarlov  is imprisoned by Galavier in Volta

Cycle IX Year 69                            4677                             LG 57 - Empire of Hadran founded

Cycle IX Year 382                          4990                             LG 370 -  Tari Aereil gives birth to twin sons, Elenaro and Elrynar Ar-Din

Cycle IX Year 386                          4994                             LG 374 -  Janithil Dolumbar is born. He goes on to become one of the most powerful and feared destruction elementals in the Northern area of Evendarr. The Evendarrians know Janithil as Janus and Guxx Un Fadoo.

Cycle IX Year 388                          4996                             LG 376 - Elrynar dies from the plague.

Cycle IX    Years   4609-5184                  


Cycle IX    Year 392 (5000)        LG 380 - Culrille Cyllinith born

Cycle IX    Year 405(5013)         LG 393 - Ariellonae Ar-Din, sister of Elenaro Ar-Din, is born

Cycle                                                         LG 420 - Elenaro Ar-Din joins the rangers                                 

LG 431 - Elenaro Ar-Din becomes a student at Helvorn

Cycle IX Year 452                          5060                             LG 440 - Elenaro Ar-Din attends the Eldarlaer, and is confirmed formally as Erinar, or Crown Prince of Quentari.

Cycle IX Year 455                          5063                             LG 443 - Degorim Gerthrauko, or Dark Wars, begin. The Quentari forces are aided by 4000 Dwarven troops, 1000 from each daughterhold.

Cycle IX Year 467                          5075                             LG 455 – Ariellonae Ar-Din's daughter Marieden born

Cycle IX Year 470                          5078                             LG 458 - Ariellonae Ar-Din disappears


Cycle IX Year 490                          5098                             LG 730 - Information gathering on the gerthraukoth begins.  Plans for the Haran Gurthol (Last Weapon, a.k.a. the Temporal Weapon) are created


Cycle IX Year 502                          5110                             LG 732 – Aran Galavier dies ending 1st part of the Dark Wars. Galavier dies defeating the leader of the Gurthraukor, despite the Haran Gurthol being unfinished. The Minya Dagorim Gurthrauko ends. Throughout Avalon this period has been called the 1st Dimensional Wars and the 1st Dark Wars as well. Hostilities continue in a sporadic fashion by nomadic military forces.

Cycle IX Year 503                          5111                             LE 1 - Elenaro Ar-Din crowned Aran (King) of Quentari

Cycle IX Year 504                          5112                             LE 2 - Barbarian hordes of the northern mountains and plains begin a great conflict with the Hadrani of Niman

Cycle IX Year 505                          5113                             LE 3 -  Galavier's Lifemate, Tari Aeriel, disappears without a trace

Cycle IX Year 561                          5169                             LE 59 - Aran Elenaro Ar-Din Soul-bonds and lifemates to Culrille Cyllinith

Cycle IX Year 563                          5171                             LE 61   Elenaro Ar-Din and Culrille’s son born and dies. All of Quentari mourns

Cycle IX Year 563        5171          LE 61     ER1 - Kingdom of Evendarr Founded

Cycle IX Year 566                          5174                             LE 64 - Death Elemental activity increases across avalon            YR 4

Cycle IX Year 567                          5175                             LE 65 – Tari Culrille Cyllinith, wife to Aran Elenaro Ar-Din, gives birth to a Daughter, Tarillin Cyllinith          YR 5

Cycle X                       Years 5185 - 5760                 

Cycle X Year 1                               5185                             LE 75   First contact from Aran Elenaro Ar-Din to Evendarr.                  YR 15 - Battle of the Fire Downs

Cycle X Year 12                             5196                             LE 86 - First diplomatic exchange with Evendarr             YR 26 - First diplomatic exchange with Quentari

Cycle X Year 27                             5211                             LE 101 - Twin sons, Mirtaur Tamber Ar-Din and Morlith Vornae Ar-Din are born to Tari Culrille

Cycle X Year 27                             5211                             LE 101                                                             YR 41

Cycle X Year 66                             5250                             LE 140                                                             YR 80 - Evendarr and Blackstone unite

Cycle X Year 69                                        5253                                        LE 143                                                                                    Y.R. 83 - First battle fought against the Nordenn people, at the northern border of Nevis.

Cycle X Year 71                                        5255                                        LE 145                                                                                    YR 85 – Kitheria, seeing that Blackstone and Evendarr will be a major power once they have settled into their new arrangement, petitions to join the new Kingdom of Evendarr. They agree to adhere to the customs and laws of Evendarr, including the code of chivalry. They are accepted immediately.

Cycle X Year 79                                        5263                                        LE 153 – Beginning of Adhin Dagorim Gurthrauko (Second Dark War) with marked upswing in hostilities

Cycle X Year 79                             5263                             LE 153             Bereth (Crown Princess) Tarillen Cyllinith and her guards are separated from the Quentari forces and are lost

Cycle X Year 79                             5263                             LE 153 Janithil, loyal to the Ar-Din house, disappears in a battle with Gurthaiya                     

Cycle X Year 79                             5263                             LE 153                                                             YR 93 Dwarves at Sweetwater Hold begin construction of the Haran Gurthol

 Year 96                                5280                             LE 170 – Tari Culrille wanders off & disappears            

YR 110

Cycle X Year 97                             5281                             LE 171                                                             YR 111 - Royal Academy founded at Janitria

Cycle X Year 98                             5282                             LE 172                                                             YR 112 - Capital relocated to Evendarr City

Cycle X Year 100                           5284                             LE 174 - Realm of Nimn (Niman) founded

Cycle X Year 140                           5324                             LE 214 - Janithil Year Janus ascends to Guxx              YR 154

Cycle X Year 175                           5359                             LE 249 - In the year 5359 since Quentari Founding and Draelonde’s beginning, Tarillin Cyllinith, daughter of Tari Culrille Cyllinith and Aran Elenaro Ar-Din of Quentari, traveled to the Dark Elven homeland of Draelonde with Sir Arnole, an Elven Knight.

Cycle X Year 175                           5359                             LE 249                                     YR 189

Cycle X Year 176                           5360                             LE 250 - Elenaro goes into the Amulet, Guxx is banished using the Haran Gurthol.  End of 2nd part of the  Dark Wars (Adhin Dagorim Gurthrauko), called the 2nd Dimensional War by  Humans. Arienwen Cyllinith, Daughter of Culrille Cyllinith and Elenaro Ar-Din summons the Councils to discuss Aran Elenaro Ar-din’s disappearance, and the institute of Learning and Magik’s in Helevorn, Quentari begins searching for him.

Cycle X Year 176                           5360                             LE 250                                     YR 190

Cycle  X Year 177                          5361                             LE 251 - Arienwen assumes title of Regent

Cycle X Year 180                           5364                             LE 254 Helevorn determines that Elenaro is alive, but cannot locate him. Arienwen is appointed the Regency for Elenaro by the High Council

                                                          YR 194 - Therendry  joins the Kingdom of Evendarr

Cycle X Year 181                           5365                             LE 255 - Tarillen Cyllinith returns, to Quentari with Sir Arnole and is banished by Regent Arienwen. Her name is declared not to be spoken

Cycle X Year 181                           5365                             LE 255                         YR 195

Cycle X Year 214                           5398                             LE 288 - Marieden Ar-Din marries Lawrance Endarr      YR 228 - King Lawrance marries Queen Marieden

Cycle X Year 244                           5428                             LE 318             YR 258 - Lawrance dies, Marieden inherits Crown

Cycle X Year 253                           5437                             LE 327             YR 267 - Marieden abdicates to Ulson II

Cycle X Year 378                           5562                             LE 452             YR 392 - Mykel Endarr "dies", Katherine is Regent

Cycle X Year 458                           5642                             LE 532             YR 472 - Royal family assassinated

Cycle X Year 482                           5666                             LE 556             YR 496 - Ashbury becomes a Duchy

Cycle X Year 485                           5669                             LE 559             YR 499 - Niman incorporates as a Duchy

Cycle X Year 556                           5740                             LE 630             YR 570 - Ravenholt becomes a Duchy

Cycle X Year 557                           5741                             LE 631             YR 571 - Basil Ravenhurst & Morgana (Tarillin Cyllinith transformed to Human) wed.

Cycle X Year 575                           5759                             LE 649 Guxx Un Fadoo reappears, this time in the Barony of Capulus in the Duchy of Ravenholt in the Kingdom of Evendarr, having been summoned by Xerina Montesque and Desmond Capulus.  He is banished a 2nd time by a Ravenholt Adventurer named Nork who used the Haran Gurthol (Temporal Weapon).

Cycle X Year 575                           5759                             LE 649             YR 589 - 3rd Dimensional War begins & ends

Cycle X Year 576                           5760                             LE 650 former Aran Elenaro is freed from a magical amulet

Cycle X  Year  576             5760                             LE 650                         YR 590 – Morgana (formerly Tarillen Cyllinith) gives birth to Basil Ravenhurst's son, Roderick, who is named heir of Ravenholt. Arienwen Cillinith, Daughter of Aran Elenaro Ar-Din and Culrille Cillinith visits Ravenholt with her guard to retrieve the Temporal Weapon. Aran Elenaro Ar-Din’s amulet, which had been in the possession of a Human Arch-Mage named Trelayne fan Arcevol, is found. The Mages' Guild of Ravenholt is able to return the King’s spirit to his body.  Regent Arienwen Cyllinith reluctantly accepts half-elves as sentient creatures.


Cycle X  Year  576             5760                             LE 650                         YR 590 - Tarillen Cyllinith is found again, and it is discovered that she had transformed to human some years ago and had married Duke Basil Ravenhurst of the Duchy of Ravenholt in the Kingdom of Evendarr. Aran Elenaro decides to reinstate Tarillen’s name and status but Tarillen chooses to give up the title of Bereth (Crown Princess) and any title she may hold in Elfheim so that she may remain with Duke Basil Ravenhurst of Evendarr. She is granted her request by Aran Elenaro and permanently transforms herself to a human. It has been learned that Tarillen Cyllinith had been Duchess of Elfheim while in the form of a Dark Elf and had been drinking an illusionary potion each day. Myrtaur Ar-Din, Aran Elenaro Ar-Din’s son, is named Aran and Elenaro relinquishes the throne.  Elenaro Ar-Din’s is named Honorary Prince of the Kingdom of Evendarr by King Richard of Evendarr.


Cycle XI - 5761- - present

Cycle XI Year 2                              5762                             LE 652             YR 592 – King Richard, Katherine flees to Quentari

Cycle XI Year 3                              5763                             LE 653             YR 593 - Elenaro reclaims the Quentari throne due to tensions between Ravenholt and Evendarr.

Cycle XI Year 5                              5765                             LE 655             YR 595– Mykel Endarr returns from a time stasis; Guxx Unfado returns again to Tyrra, and is defeated in the Duchy of Volta in the Kingdom of Evendarr by nobles and adventurers from all parts of Avalon.


Cycle XI Year 5                              5765                             LE 655- Aran Elenaro Ar-din travels to Port Jaskara with Queen Catharine Endarr for the celebration of the return of King Mykel Endarr II from his time prison.

Cycle XI Year 5                              5765                             LE 655             YR 595 - Lunasiria Saleros’ services are accepted by His Majesty King Mykel Endarr II

XI Year 08                            5668                             LE 558             YR 598 – Turlov Ghost Hand reappears in Axelburg Volta and is defeated by nobles and adventurers from all parts of Avalon.

XI Year 12                            5772                             LE 662             YR 602 - Current Evendarrian Year

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