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Chapter 1:  History & Maps
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Overview of the World of Tyrra
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The Geography of Avalon
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Chapter 2:  Government
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Chapter 3: Military
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Evendarr Military College©

Chapter 4: Who is Who
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Evendarrian Nobles 601ER©

Chapter 5: Archives
Tyrran Journal
Tomes & Treatises

These works have been collected from bards, historians, and journalists.
Entries are in Descending Sequence Order by the Date.
If you would like your entry added, please forward it to me at the Royal Academy of Arcane Arts and Sciences.

January 2010 - Added the The Fae nad Cursed Handbook

March 07, 607ER: I was traveling though the Principality of Westhaven in the southern part of the Kingdom of Evendarr, when I came across a traveling band of nobility. Though the nobles would have much to say to me, the squires were sent to make sure I was ok. Lucky for me I knew one of the young ones, and he knew me to be an old storyteller and that I am gifted in the art of gab, and they allowed me to copy the information on the scroll the group was bearing. It Read: The Peerage of the Principality of Westhaven.

January 607 ER: Prince Miles Tegg's remains were recovered in the kingdom of Aeran'Or by the brave adventurers, Squire Myth, Squire Madalynn Silverlake, Michiko of Brisbane,  Faustus Evermore and Keno. His Remains were taken to Evendarr City and will be laid to rest.

January 607 ER: The Kingdom of Aeran'Or began talks with the Accordance of Avalon. From all accounts it was a good start to what is sure to be a lengthy process.

January 607 ER: While adventurers where trying to uncover stolen items from the Evendarr Museum a group known as the circle was uncovered. This group was responsible for the assassination of Prince Miles Tegg and attempts to drive wedges between Evendarr and its allies.

October 605 ER: Spirit Farewell Ceremony for Alaric Malinruin and Jericho. By Lilaiethyn Phellanyrastralae

October 604ER: The Kingdom of Evendarr made this declaration regarding Goodman Alejandro and his band of unlawful noble impersonators.

September 604: Ozen Blackbird of Elysia rescinds Seneschal position within fake kingdom called N'Wrad.

August 604ER: Evendarr Museum, Moosejaw Gallery Robbed! by Salee Parknat

August 604ER: Elemental Towers Discovered in Richland, by Seronia Merritt

August 604ER: Island Recaptured!, by Seronia Merritt

November 603ER: The Kingdom of Evendarr positioned the Royal Legion, the 274th Cavalry, consisting of near 1500 Horsemen, to Hawthorn's Bluff, an expansion territory located west of the Sutherlands Duchy.

October 603ER: War Develops in Blackstone, by Seronia Merritt

October 603ER: Fugitive Apprehended in Blackstone, by Seronia Merritt

October 603ER: Vampires Plague Therendry, by Seronia Merritt
             This past Exeter gathering, in Therendry, had even more than its usual share of blood going around.  That’s because there seemed to be a great deal of vampires invading town.  The first known one showed up in town on Saturday night, and attacked the adventurer Glenn Stormwolf.  Fortunately, he was rescued by a party of other adventurers, including Squire Kyth Wild of Richland.
            The vampire problems did not stop there, though.  Apparently many townsfolk ended up being bitten by vampires that could even walk around in the day.  Sometime in the early afternoon, those that had been bitten all received invitations to bring themselves and one guest to a party that evening. Because most of those had been bitten were less experienced adventurers who were unsure of what was going to happen, they tended to bring more experienced adventurers along with them as their guests.  Amongst those who came along were Lord Exeter himself and the Viscountess Kiera Zobrist. By all accounts, what occurred at the party was a slaughter.  The bitten adventurers were all transformed into lesser vampires and they attacked the more experienced adventurers, with help from the vampires that were hosting the party.  The guests were forced to retreat, but were clever and did not go far away.  Instead, they waited until an opportune time to save their friends.
            When the host vampire and his minions had all gone, the guests burst into the party hall and managed to subdue the bitten adventurers, bringing them back to the town of Exeter.  The Healer’s Guild, under the wise leadership of Guildmistress Mirage Sandchaser, managed to Destroy Formal Magic most of the vampire bites, and by all accounts the town should now be safe once again.

October 603ER: Mordakai Escapes Again, by Seronia Merritt

October 603ER: Shadows Creatures Attack Dar Khabad, by Seronia Merritt
            On Friday night, the third day of October in the year 603, there was a call for help outside the tavern in Dar Khabad.  Brave adventurers rushed outside to see creatures made of shadow coming in to attack them.  These shadow creatures had a unique ability.  They could cast spells not by calling upon Tyrra or the sky, but instead by calling upon an artifact known as the Heart of Shadows.  By using this artifact to power their spells, they could replicate earth and celestial magic type effects, including vile necromancy.
            They were rather strong creatures, being able to swing for ten dagger blows of shadow damage in addition to the shadow spells they were throwing.  However, they were adverse to light, and one could harm them greatly by casting a light spell upon their weapon.  There is apparently a set of light weapons, which when combined will weaken the shadow creatures greatly, but information about this has been hard to come by.
            It is known, however, that several extra-planar forces have taken interest in the light weapons, including a magical vortex that attempted to steal the light sword.  By the end of the weekend, the shadow creatures had not been defeated, and so it is expected that they will remain in Dar Khabad for the foreseeable future.

October 603ER: Racial Disease Strikes Dar Khabad, by Seronia Merritt
            At the Dar Khabad gathering that lasted from October 3-5, 603 E.R., there was a continuation of previous troubles Dar Khabad has had with racial diseases.  These diseases are unique in that they only strike members of a particular race, and can only be transferred to other members of that race.  If left uncured, the disease will eventually cause resurrections, and then sooner or later permanent death.  There were three specific incidents involving the disease at the gathering.
            First, diseased gypsies arrived in town on Friday night.  Unfortunately, they had to be cut down by the valiant townsfolk in order to prevent the disease from spreading to other gypsies.  It is unknown at this time if a cure was ever found for the gypsy disease.
            The second incident was much happier, as the town was able to discover the necessary components to cure the gorbe disease, although it required the help of the power being Lord Radiant.
            The final incident involved Verbal, the mystic wood elf.  He was captured by undead, and they created a mystic wood elf disease and implanted it within him.  They then deposited him back in town to infect other mystic wood elves.  Fortunately, there were no others around, and so the town was safe.  It has been reported that Lord Radiant later cured Verbal in order to stop the spread of the mystic wood elf disease, but that report was unverifiable at press time.

September 603ER: Count de Genovia’s Daughter Rescued in Therendry, by Seronia Merrit

September 603ER: A Treatise on Good and Evil, by Seronia Merritt

September 603ER: A Treatise Against Slavery, By Lilaiethyn Phellanyrastralae

September 603ER: A Treatise on Sovereignty, by Lilaiethyn Phellanyrastralae

September 603ER: A Coronation in Greyhorn, by Seronia Merritt
            At this past gathering of adventurers in Greyhorn, held September 19 to 21, 603 ER, His Grace Duke Endless Star of Greyhorn stepped down after several successful years running the Duchy and Baron Chance Evermore was raised to the position of Duke.  Upon becoming Duke, the first thing that His Grace Evermore did was raise several other deserving people. First, he raised Lady Amberle Nyneave to Lady Chancellor of Greyhorn, a position making her the voice of the Duke when the His Grace cannot be located.  Second, His Grace Evermore raised Lady Magistrate Callendia to the position of Baroness of the North, filling the spot that had been left open when Baron Chance became Duke.  Third, the Duke raised Squire Smoke Darkstar to Ducal Knight, and charged him with creating an order of Ducal knights that would uphold the Code of Chivalry within the Duchy.  Finally, in a move unrelated to nobility, His Grace Evermore raised Big Ben, a skilled caster of the lands, to the position of Guildmaster of the Combined Guilds, essentially putting him in a position of overseeing all magicks in Greyhorn. After the coronation was over, there was much celebrating, and I think we can be confident that all who received new titles will do an excellent job in their positions.

September 603ER: Mysterious Plague Attacks Greyhorn, by Seronia Merritt
            During the Greyhorn gathering from September 19-21, the town was assaulted by humans who had been taken over by some type of strange plague.  This plague caused them to lose all sense of reason and attack people mindlessly.  It also caused their eyes to become black and voided, and their bodies to toughen to the point where they could take eighty dagger blows of damage.  Strangely, when affected with this plague, all people, regardless of whether they knew how to use a weapon or not before they were affected, could suddenly use a weapon and swing it for five dagger blows worth of damage.  Those affected became known as the Mindless Ones.
            The Mindless Ones made several assaults on town over the course of the gathering.  They attacked Friday night, Saturday morning, and Saturday evening.  On Friday night they were beaten relatively easily, but on Saturday morning they got the drop on the town and managed to infect many adventurers, including Duke-to-be Baron Chance Evermore.  Fortunately, an individual called The Watcher alerted the remaining adventurers of town to the fact that infected people could be cured with a life spell, and so the fallen adventurers were saved.  The attacks on Sunday evening were more of the same, and the town did almost fall at one point.  However, the town was able to get to cover and regroup, and from then on the Mindless Ones never really threatened seriously again.
            That being said, though, as of this writing many people in Greyhorn are still infected, and while it is being dealt with, no one seems to know exactly where the plague came from.  More details will be forthcoming when they become available.

August  603ER: The Kingdom of Evendarr positioned the Royal Legion, the 397th Infantry, consisting of near 1400 Footman, to Hawthorn's Bluff, an expansion territory located west of the Sutherlands Duchy.

August 603ER: Dark Dangers Threaten Evendarr's Borders, By Holly Castleton, Editor-in-Chief  

August 603 ER: Kingdom of Evendarr: The Individuals who sacrificed themselves for the King of Evendarr back in the year 595 ER were;

Ambrose Huntington

Lady V'Ktara Solonari - Justice

Brother Laramis Hartwell - Compassion

Guildmaster Jarridar Coriolis - Truth

Gurndra Hammerstane - Strength

Shandra "Honesty" MacGregor - Honesty

Lord Arigi Nandemyr - Diplomacy

Magda Ivanova Ajonisa - Wisdom

Dame commander Allandra Vandoros - Justice

Lord Powell Huntington - Sacrifice

Earl Haarlan Thurderblade - Valor

July 603 ER: At the July 4th Gathering in the Dreadmark, His Majesty of Evendarr noticed that his representatives from the far South, in Marshaven, were missing and sent a legion of troops to see what the challenge was indeed. They pushed there way through a horde of undead monstrosities over the period of 10 days, and around August 4, 603 ER (Evendarr Reckoning) they met up with the soldiers of Marshaven. Thus, the King of Evendarr has decided to once again support the building of a new Keep, just below the Dreadmark, to link the bottom of the middle of Evendarr with the top of the southern most area, with a solid Travel path, with full military barracks along the way. At the July 4th Gathering in the Dreadmark, His Majesty of Evendarr noticed that his representatives from the far South were missing, and sent a legion of troops to see what the challenge was indeed. They pushed there way through a horde of undead monstrosities over the period of 10 days, and around August 4, 603 ER (Evendarr Reckoning) they met up with the soldiers of Marshaven. Thus, the King of Evendarr has decided to once again support the building of a new Keep, just below the Dreadmark, to link the bottom of the middle of Evendarr with the top of the southern most area, with a solid Travel path, with full military barracks along the way.

January 603 ER: Kingdom of Evendarr - Emeraldyne the Green shows its ugly head, and The Dreadlands are recognized for what it truly is; a haven for evil.

April 602 ER: Sir Tivorak Nobel, first Knight to King Mykel Endarr II, of the Kingdom of Evendarr, traveled to Ackliceum with several other adventurers including Michiko, a Dark Elff originally from Draelonde who now resides in the Kingdom of Avendale which is to the north of the Duchy of Elysia. Ackliceum is far to the west, in a very hot area that seems to be ver yclose to the sun. During his travels, Sir Tivorak helped the Nobles, Adventurers and townsfolk defeat a liche that had been plaguing the lands for quite some time. In his report, Sir Tivorak was once again able to provide names of those who he had come into contact with and who helped defeat the undead abomination that was bent on destroying the good people. They include Michiko as mentioned before, Jean Rowen, Demitos, Hellish Wildfire (The Contastable of Whitestone), Vincent Spotlazano, Nive Goishans, Thurgus Stormblade (Constable of Whitestone), Forest of Mandrakes Landing, Royale Amerchante, Wolf Spirit, Naga - Barru, Gabriel, Blatz, Kie Dufay, Kalinda Tailure, Seta, Traelith, and Deruite. 

October 601 ER: Queen Niomi Avendale of the Kingdom of Avendale, Granddaughter to Lady Ellimere Arundel of Evendarr, suffers her final death at the hands of a Prime Regnant Vampire named Karveki Calypso Ramiriez, who suffers what is beleived to be his final death at the Nobles and adventurers who followed Niomi.

January 601 ER: King Mykel Endarr II  begins deliberations of elevating others to Princess and Prince.


January 599 ER: The Dwarven Games are held!


August 03, 598 ER: King Mykel Endarr II recalls all of his Kingdom Knights for an important discussion. The Kings Orchestra is formed to serve multiple purposes including educating the populace with the Customs of Evendarr and investigating accusations against Nobles, Guilds, Adventurers, and Commoners. Sir Tivorak Nobel, First Knight and Champion to King Mykel Endarr II accepts the Lead position of the Kings Orchestra.



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