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Chapter 1:  History & Maps
The World of Tyrra Map©
Overview of the World of Tyrra
The Tyrran Cosmology©
The Laws of Avalon & Evendarr©
The Accords of Avalon©
The Geography of Avalon
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Most Recent News Around Tyrra©

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Mystic Wood Elf Handbook

Kingdom of Evendarr Dreadlands©

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Chapter 2:  Government
The Crest of the Nations of Avalon©
Kingdom of Evendarr TOC
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Evendarr Royal Military©
Evendarr Royal Marines©
Kingdom of Quentari©
Kingdom of Avendale©
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Sessuar Imperium©
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Chapter 3: Military
Evendarr Royal Marines©
Avendale Military College©
Evendarr Military College©

Chapter 4: Who is Who
More Recent News Around Tyrra©
Who is Who on Avalon©
Those Most Notable©
Criminals of Avalon©
Evendarrian Nobles 601ER©

Chapter 5: Archives
Tyrran Journal
Tomes & Treatises

Who is Who around the Continent of Avalon?

Prince Miles Tegg, Prince of Southwatch  (Jay Finch) - Longtime military hero and friend to King Mykel Endarr II, Miles Tegg spent several years recovering from a horrible illness that confounded all healers. After his recovery, his heart broke upon hearing of the loss of one his most treasured Duchy Tyrangel. He has since devoted his time to rebuilding Sutherland to its old glory. On July 6th of 603 ER, Prince Myles Tegg went missing after an attack by alleged assassins caused his body to dissipate for resurrection but neither resurrected or re-appeared at the place of his death. kidnapped and missing since July 3, 603ER.

Devron Endarr (Brandon Mason) is a member of the Kings Orchestra to the Kingdom of Evendarr. He was raised to this position in the year 601 by King Mykel Endarr II. He has served Primarily in the south since 602 helping the efforts of the new expanding Evendarr lands. He has been called to present himself before the King on July 5 to give his reports personally.

Duke Riekart Westimre,  Duke of Sutherland, Veteran of the War of Sutherland, this long time friend of Prince Miles Tegg was named Duke in Sept, 602. He is a stern military minded risk taker who intends on turning his Duchy into a successful bastion of Evendarrian custom and income.

Sir William Randolf, Knight of the King's Orchestra (Ryan Massy) A member of the King's Orchestra and upstanding knight of Evendarr, he was dispatched to access Tyrangel's war against the Sessuar in 600 ER. Since then he has developed a soft spot for the Duchy and was heart broken to see it released from the Kingdom. His intent is to convince its new Countess to join the Kingdom of Evendarr

Leon Essex Cambluree - Human Vampire - Vampire Renegade of Jhivantane, whose father was murdered and family legacy lost to machinations of competing artificers. He has taken up residence in Tyrangel as a hideout from the Dark Lords of Jhivantane and plan his revenge on those responsible for destroying his family name.

General Peracles Saramour - Sessuar General General of the Sessai and hated by all Tyrangelians. He and his limited forces were thrust back in time when the duchies of Tyrangel and Sutherland traveled back to the year 226 ER and then to -60 ER. Last seen being held back by the Former Duke of Tyrangel Roderick Daleron, from coming back through the magical portal to current 603.

Countessa Talandas Stormbringer (Lynn Tomaselli) - Storm Elf female in the twilight of her life, leads what she calls a Palatine that has existed, as far as she knows, since 226 ER in seclusion from the rest of the world. She is strong willed and a brave templar. She struggles to keep her lands in one piece, but knows her time is limited as every day passes.

Rogan An'Teir (Carl Gosline) - A human healer that has been within the service of the Evendarrian Crown for more than 10 years. Recently, Rogan was sent to support the Nobles in building the Earth hand Celestial Circles of Power at the new keeps that are being built along the route toward Marshaven, alongside the Dreadlands.

Lord Michael Astaldo Elladan (Michael Manning) - Born in 561, in Greymoor, Evendarr. He is the son of Sir Joseph Elladan, Royal knight of Evendarr, and his Lifemate Lady Arwen Amroth Tinuviel of Quentari. Lord Michael was raised partially in Evendarr, with a lot of time spent in the Kingdom of Quentari, so that he would know his Elven heritage as well as his human heritage. He was always taught to be noble, and to respect the beliefs of others so that they could better respect his. He began his schooling at the age of 10, at the Royal Academy of Arts and Sciences in Lake Hollym for 20 years attending the schools of both Celestial Magic's and Healing Magic's, where he gained the title of Arch-Wizard of Justice. Lord Michael was also schooled for some time in Helevorn, Quentari. During his time at Lake Hollym he served in the Evendarr military in the 75th Assault Regiment stationed on the island, before returning home to Greymoor Evendarr and being knighted in 594. He served the people well and was asked to join the Kings own knights in 596 ER. Lord Michael became a member of the inner circle of Royal knights in 598, known as the Orchestra, when asked by Sir Tivorak Nobel to join and search for Sir Griswold, a Knight who had been lost in 595 in or around Ravenholt area. In March of 602, Lord Michael was commanded to the Kingdom of Avendale to aid in the joining of these two Kingdoms. His chosen weapon is his magical long sword known as "Justice" which he wields in battle skillfully.


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