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The NERO® LARP Intern Policy

 NERO® International Holding Co., Inc. (from hereon ‘International’) seeks motivated individuals for positions within the organization.  If you’re interested in improving the game on an international level, in learning operations and game management, or in helping to mentor the next generation of NERO® players, an intern position is for you.

 Requirements:  International requires that interns are motivated, responsible individuals who have a love for the game.  While there are no specific requirements in terms of schooling or work experience, they will be taken into account during your evaluation.  We do require at least one (1) year of NERO® experience before you apply for an internship, and your NERO® experience will be taken into account during your evaluation.   

 Length of Internship:  Internships last for one (1) year, unless extended by mutual agreement. 

 Type of work:  During this time you will receive projects from International and from your local International representatives.  International may also direct you to accept projects from local NERO® chapters.  These may include:

  1. Business – Work for the International Business office.  Projects may include working with partners, marketing and branding, business development, and product management.

  2. Operations – Work locally for International ensuring continuity of the game.  Projects may include maintenance of the game infrastructure, setup, management, and breakdown of game sites, management of NERO® physical properties, and communications between local chapters and International.

  3. Creative – Work locally and internationally for International providing a quality gaming experience.  Projects may include directing, writing, acting, and other types of artistic and creative endeavors. 

 Compensation:  In accordance with International intern policy, interns will not receive monetary compensation.  They will be eligible for non-monetary compensation at the option of International. International shall also provide letters of recommendation, references, and other services to interns who complete their internship successfully. 

 Contacts:  Please contact the International Intern Manager ( if you are interested. Please send a resume or description of your work experience, how long you have been involved with the NERO® game system, and what type of internship position you are interested in.  All decisions of International are final and International reserves the final right to hire and manage the intern process as it sees fit in accordance within International policy.

Photographers needed

Artists Needed - Medieval Illustrations

Writers Needed - Help Flesh out a Fantasy Game World

Adventure Club Coordinators Needed - Build a Game in your area

Convention Coordinators Needed - Help NERO market at Game Conventions

NERO Knights Needed - Help others learn about NERO.

Game Store Representatives Needed - Help NERO maintain fliers and a good relationship with nearby Game Stores.



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