Nero New Jersey Press Release (February 2003)


NEROŽ is proud to announce a new chapter in the Northern New Jersey area.


NEROŽ Chapters, around since 1988, operate Live Action Role-Playing games that allow a player to play the part of a hero of fantasy. The NEROŽ Rule BookŠ and its supplements detail how to track members, build player characters, regulate game play, register for events, update characters, etc. and allow these characters to travel from one fantasy realm to another. NERO taps into the fantasy tradition of King Arthur, Robin Hood, and Tolkein, the popularity of Renaissance Fairs and Harry Potter, and good old boffer Swords and mock Sorcery, providing customers with the opportunity to participate instead of merely watch.


NEROŽ New Jersey will be holding events at Camp Camp Glen Gray in Mahwah, New Jersey. The first event is scheduled for April 11 to April 13th, 2003 with over 100 members expected to be in attendance.


Rebecca King, the General Manager, has been playing NEROŽ since 1995, has volunteered for NEROŽ National since 1999, and has managed the NEROŽ New Hampshire business and game since December 2002.


NERO New Jersey

Rebecca King

29 P.O. Box 29

Hewitt, NJ 07421

(201) 694-2773


For more information or to pre-register visit the NERO New Jersey web page:


For more information about Camp Glen Gray in Mahwah, New Jersey visit:


NERO New Jersey will be running demonstration events at UberCon, in Parsippany, New Jersey on February 15th, 2003.  Please join us for a two hour adventure if you are interested in trying NERO.


For more information on the history of NEROŽ or a list of local chapters, visit that National Home Page at:

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