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October 28, 2004



Melissa M. Brannan



NERO® LARP members participate in AIDS Marathon.


-According to the Center for Disease Control, the estimated number of diagnoses of AIDS through 2002 in the United States is 886,575. Adult and adolescent AIDS cases total 877,275 with 718,002 cases in males and 159,271 cases in females. Through the same time period, 9,300 AIDS cases were estimated in children under age 13.  That’s nearly one million Americans are now living with HIV.


To help combat this staggering statistic, NERO International and Nero Gateways Metro/DC —businesses that produce Live Action Role Play (LARP) events based in a medieval genre— is sponsoring four of its members in an HIV/AIDS marathon. The event is sponsored by The National Aids Marathon Training Program a Walk-The-Talk Productions. In the past six years, more than 14,000 people have successfully completed the training program and raised $45 million for the fight to end AIDS.


Melissa Brannan, Mike Smith, Sarah Williams, and Melissa Williams will join the list of participants in New Orleans on February 27, 2005.  These runners share a common goal to improve the lives of people living with HIV/AIDS and to bring an end to the AIDS epidemic.


The money raised will benefit Whitman-Walker Clinic, the largest provider of HIV/AIDS services in Washington, DC, Maryland, and Virginia. The clinic provides direct medical care, food, housing and other important AIDS services.


“Too many people are afflicted by this terrible disease,” said Brannan.  “I see this as such a small sacrifice of time and energy to help over a million people realize their dream of a cure.”


The group encourages people to show their support now with a tax-deductible contribution. Their personal goal is to raise at least $10,200 by November 15. A small donation could make a huge difference in the lives of thousands of people living with AIDS.


To help sponsor a runner, go to and click on the Donate Now link.  Fill out the form and help save lives.   For more general information go to and check out the links to some vital information.  Please give whatever possible to help reach a worthwhile goal.


More about NERO

The NERO® LARP is the premier Live Action Role Play (LARP) organization in North America - since 1989 – with over 45 chapters and still growing.

In Live Action Role Play, you become the character of your fantasies and take part in the action, becoming part of the ongoing storyline.

The NERO® LARP is a mix between King Arthur, Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, and Law and Order. Players attend live events and become a fantasy character for the entire weekend. The event actors and actresses interact with the players giving hints and clues to the mysteries. The players interact with each other, put the hints and clues together and solve the mystery.


For more information about NERO®, visit

For more information about Nero Gateways Metro/DC, visit

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