NERO® International announces a new NERO® Chapter!

Peekskill, NY. March 15, 2007: With near fifty NERO® Chapters since its founding in 1986, the epic story of NERO® International Holding Co., Inc., and Live Action Role Play, continues.

The Company is proud to announce the licensing of a NERO® Chapter in Lincoln, Nebraska. The owner, John Kildare, has 11 years experience with Live Adventure Role Play Games and 8 years experience with NERO® Chapters from the northeast to the Midwest.

The staff of NERO Nebraska – John Kildare, Hillary Kruger, Jason Haynes, Evaline Robotham, Mark Robotham, and Paige Haynes - have more than 40 years of business, customer service, and gaming experience, with dozens of years in live adventure role playing. “By starting a NERO® Chapter in Lincoln Nebraska we will expand the gaming possibilities in this area. We will attract new members because NERO® events are closer than Lawrence Kansas where NERO® Central is. We will essentially become partners with NERO® Central and NERO® Colorado, giving the staff of those chapters a place to play. We have access to a permanent site for events, I have been blessed with people well versed in business and customer service, and we have enjoyed being part of NERO since 1996 from Virginia to Kansas. We kind of thought it was our turn to give back to NERO®, and a little to ourselves, by bringing NERO® LARP events to Nebraska.” said John when asked ‘Why’ they were opening up a NERO® Chapter.

NERO® Live Action Role Play events often take place over a weekend at campground-like facilities that are decorated like movie sets to resemble a medieval city or other fantasy world. Writers act as the “Game Masters” who’ve created storylines with mysteries to be solved and tasks to be completed. They provide direction to “Event Actors” who interact with the players, guiding them through the storyline, giving hints and clues to the mysteries. Hundreds (and sometimes thousands) of participants come dressed in homemade costumes, bearing sculpted foam weapons based on parameters set forth in the game rules, to play what is essentially a “real-life” videogame, TV show or movie.

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ABOUT THE COMPANY:  NERO® International, a New York Corporation, has grown steadily since its creation by Ford Ivey in 1989. It has operated thousands of Live Adventure mystery events at campgrounds and game conventions throughout North America and has licensed the NERO® Game System© since 1991. With nearly fifty NERO® Chapters and LARP Affiliates in North America producing more than 300 weekend-long events each year, NERO® International is the premier LARP promoter in the world.

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