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New NERO® Chapter in Columbus Ohio (September 01, 2006)


The Live Adventures Company announces a new NERO® Chapter!

Peekskill, NY September 01, 2006 – With near 50 Chapters since its founding in 1986, the epic story of NERO® Live Action Role Playing continues… NERO® remains the leading Live Adventures Company in North America and Canada, with its membership base currently at around five thousand people and growing, and more than 300 weekend getaways scheduled.

The Company is proud to announce the addition of a new NERO® Chapter in Columbus Ohio. The newest Chapter owner, Jeremy Browning, has several years experience producing Live Adventure Games.

The staff of NERO Northlands - Jeremy Browning, Brandon Veazey, Jodi Yeager, Rick Coverdale - have more than 35 years of role playing experience, and dozens of year in live action role playing. “We thought it was the right time to give back to NERO® what NERO® gave to us for the last few years – support, enjoyment, friendship, friendly competition, and part of a national live adventure game organization that supports its chapters and members” said Brandon when asked ‘Why’ they were opening up a NERO® Chapter.

LARP events most often take place over a weekend at campground-like facilities that are decorated like movie sets to resemble a medieval city or other fantasy world. Writers act as the “Game Masters” who’ve created storylines with mysteries to be solved and tasks to be completed. They provide the direction for “Event Actors” who interact with the LARPers, guiding them through the storyline and giving them hints and clues to the mysteries. Hundreds (and sometimes thousands) of participants come dressed in homemade costumes, bearing sculpted foam weapons based on parameters set forth in the game rules, to play what is essentially a “real-life” videogame, TV show or movie. “Currently we plan to produce six (6) one day events and six (6) weekend events, alternating throughout the year” say’s Jeremy Browning when asked about his 2006 to 2007 event schedule.

For more information on the newest NERO® Chapter in Columbus Ohio; visit

ABOUT THE COMPANY:  The Live Adventures Company, a New York Corporation, has operated thousands of full audience interactive events (Live Action Role Play) at campgrounds and at game conventions throughout North America since 1986. With nearly 50 NERO® Chapters and Affiliates in North America producing more than 300 weekend-long events each year, TLAC is the premier LARP promoter in the world.

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