NERO Northeast Transfer

P.O. Box 543
Rye New York 10580-0543

March 13, 2003


NERO Northeast is changing hands from Rich Lorrain to Geoff Haigh. Rich Lorrain and Geoff have made arrangements and both are in full support of retaining all NERO Myanthea Campaign Staff.

I met with a member of the staff and assured them that Geoff would be supporting the Myanthea Campaign and current Staff. I further explained that Geoff intends to spend this year building the Chapter Plot Storyline and history, running several adventure days and is actively looking into Renting Camps for year 2004 and possibly one or two this year.

Currently, Members from NERO Northeast are valid!

Please join me and the NERO National Staff in Welcoming Geoff Haigh back into the NERO family !

Joseph Valenti
President, NERO

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