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NERO® Member Sponsored Events©
    Thank you for your interest in convening a NERO® Member Sponsored Event (MSE). NERO provides entertainment to a wide variety of members with varying preferences. The game is made available to players in the United States and Canada thanks to Members like you who volunteer their time to produce a NERO® Event. We appreciate your willingness to contribute your time and we want to make sure your NERO experience is enjoyable and fully supported. To that end, we will provide to you all the materials needed for your event – Coin, Production Equipment Tags, Magic Items, Formal Magic Components, etc. We will also include a Storyline with rumors (and truth), pertaining to an upcoming event in your area, whenever possible. You agree to submit to the NERO Office, within 5 business days, the names of the NERO Members who attended your MSE, and at least a paragraph explaining what transpired.
    To Sponsor a NERO® Event, the member must understand and be knowledgeable in the public NERO Policies and the bylaws of Members Sponsoring Events. Currently, the main restriction prohibits PC vs. PC confrontation at Member Sponsored Events that results in resurrection or other combative scenario - meaning that MSE are Role-Play oriented – except where specifically stated such as an In-Game tournament. Members will gain Tenure and Rank within the NERO® Organization with each NERO Event sponsored or produced.  Submit An Application Today!


Question: What exactly must I do to convene a NERO® Member Sponsored Event©?

Answer: If you are a member in good standing, you can invite your NERO® Member acquaintances over for a night of role play and interaction. All you need to do is fill out the NERO® Member Event Application Form to authorize the event, and within 5 business days you will have approval for the event and it will be listed on the Master Calendar of NERO® Member Events. Then, you get all of those members whom want to attend the event with you, in character, to register, and submit payment for the MSE to the NERO Office.


Question: How Much Does it cost to run a Member Sponsored Event?

Answer: The fee due to process an MSE event is $10.00 per person in attendance. This covers all the fees for props, coin, tags, and labor that it will take to support our members.


Question: What Type of NERO Event can I Sponsor/Run as a Base Member.

Answer: NERO Members can run just about any type of NERO Event excluding NERO Weekend Events. Weekend Events remain solely reserved for NERO Chapters, which we encourage every NERO Member to attend. Below is a list of Member Sponsored Events available;

    NERO® Bake Off! Sponsor a NERO® Bake Off. This contest invites all of our members to attend some sort of gathering - an Afternoon Picnic, an Underground Tavern Party, an In-Game Workshop (Recipe Swap), a Scavenger Hunt, or even a Fair Day - and create their favorite food to share with everyone else. All individuals who attend will each the food, and then each will rate the food, and a first place, 2nd place, and 3rd place are declared. Minimum of five participants are needed to become authorized for a NERO Bake Off!

    NERO® Underground: Submit an application to convene a NERO LARP Tavern Night. NERO Members are approved to invite other Members and convene a role-play focused party at an approved location. Often there are other Member Sponsored Events© being run too like the NERO Bake Off, the NERO Chess Tournament, and the NERO Poker Tournament - Tyrran Hold'em.

    NERO® Dinner Party: Our members can sponsor a NERO Social Event such as a Dinner Party, Afternoon Picnic, Tea Party or similar in-game event. This empowers an individual to run an in-game, in-costume, gathering. NERO LARP Plot Coordinators will provide support and advice

    NERO® Chess Tournament: Who will be the Chess Champion of your area? Submit an application to have a Chess Tournament in your area!

    NERO Boffer Tournament: The NERO Boffer Tournament is loved by all NERO Members and are very easy to run. You can either develop your own rules and regulations to maximize attendee enjoyment, or the NERO Office can provide to you a Boffer Tournament rule set.

    NERO Scavenger Hunt: In the past, our NERO® Chapters have sponsored Scavenger Hunts at events, to the extreme enjoyment of our NERO® Members. Now, we are empowering our Members to sponsor Scavenger Hunts for other members via the Internet and at Member Sponsored Events.

NERO Poker Tournament: Submit a request to operate an authorized NERO® Poker Tournament. Choose any single game or run a 'Casino'. Use your own rules or the NERO Office can supply you with a set.

Help NERO MARKET your chapter!

    NERO® Workshop: NERO Members are needed to manage an authorized Workshop, or Fighter Practice, either at the local Park, Game Store, or other location. We provide the marketing materials, promotional items, and support that our members will need to successfully market NERO in a professional manner. Contact us today! The NERO® Office provides that support through advisory guides, verbal conversations, and other NERO® Members in the area. There is no cost - we will gladly help you

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