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The NERO Awards and Recognition Program©

For:                        NERO International Holding Co., Inc.

Concept by:         Matt Pearson & Joseph Valenti

Written by:           The AJoseph Valenti, Matt Pearson & Many other NERO chapter Owners and Staff

Created:                 February 08, 2005

Updated:               March 20, 2005. April 10, 2005, April 25, 2005, May 08, 2005, May 2006

Purpose:         To formally recognize and award all NERO Members, including Chapter Owners, Staff, and Event Volunteers (also called NPC's), for their participation within the NERO Organization.

Question: Where will the recognition ceremonies be Held?
The Award Recognition ceremonies will be held locally and at major conventions that NERO Attends.

Question: Who exactly is recognized at these award ceremonies?
NERO Members who fit the criteria of an award, if they are in attendance, will be recognized at the award ceremonies.

Question: How are people chosen for an award?
Answer: Certain people are eligible for certain awards and they may contact the NERO Office to determine the process for proper recognition. For other awards, there
is a nomination, evaluation, and decision process that occurs, each with a few weeks of activity.  The local Chapter Award and Recognition coordinators help to promote the nomination and voting process among the local NERO Members. 

Question: Does each NERO chapter have a NERO Awards and Recognition Coordinator?
The answer is yes, and no. Yes all of the chapters are participating but no they may not be helping to manage the program due to time constraints or other variables. So, the NERO office and the NERO chapters are working together to make sure that NERO Members worldwide are given the proper recognition within our organization. Most of the support comes from NERO Members working with the NERO Office until the local NERO chapter can ramp up and become familiar with the program, and implement its management at the local level. The NERO Chapter focuses on running theatrical productions and educating new members. The Awards program is more of a organization-wide program, and therefore the NERO Office supports the majority of the program through management of volunteer’s world-wide (both staff and non-staff).

Question: What if my friend just recently got married, bought a house or graduated from college? Can you recognize them for these things too. 
The intent is to recognize an achievement made by a NERO Member. If we are informed about a Members achievement such as high school or college graduation, marriage, the purchase of a house, we will certainly take the time to verbally recognize them for it at our award ceremony.

Award Types

Every award will receive an 8.5" x 11" certificate of recognition.
Some awards may include merchandise from the Dragon's Horde.
Some awards may include one or more Dragon Points.

Membership Since: The Membership Since Awards recognize the length of time someone has been a Member. From new Members who have had their one year anniversary to the 15 year, and soon, 20 year anniversary, Members will be recognized. The 1 year, the 3 year, the 5 year, the 10 year, the 15 year, and the 20 year Member Since recognition program.

Staff Recognition: The Staff Recognition Awards recognize NERO Members who have participated as a Staff Member for a period of time. Staff members are sometimes overlooked by fellow members and peers. Not anymore! Now it is our opportunity to make sure that Staff Members understand that we appreciate all of the effort and energy put into producing a quality theatrical event.

Chapter Owner Since: Recognizing the Chapter Owners is just as important as recognizing the Members of our organization. Certainly the Chapter Owners

Exceptional Performance Award: The Exceptional Performance Award recognizes a NERO Member for repeated exceptional performances.

Exceptionally helpful player: Remember the NERO Member that went the extra mile for you when you joined NERO? This is your chance to nominate that person and to vote for others who are excellent examples of cordial, respectful and helpful members.

The Dedicated NPC Award: This award recognizes those individuals who have repeatedly put forth incredible effort when they volunteer and NPC an event. It is absolutely imperative that those people who NPC and put their energy into it are recognized within our organization.

The Exceptional Role-player Award: Here is the chance for all members and staff to recognize the individuals who go that extra mile to role play when at events. The person who decorates there cabin and invites all of the other players in; the person who uses word inflections and tones with each of their different characters to make them as unique and different from the others as possible; the person who takes the hit as a monster and grunts in pain; the person who waves there hand around while 'activating' the alchemical globe;

The best role-player: The BEST of all the Role-Players in a Chapter - There can only be one 'Best'.

The best costumer:  The BEST costumes in a Chapter - There can only be one 'Best'.

" Some awards may include merchandise purchased from vendors.
" Some awards may include merchandise from NERO Sponsors.
" Some awards may include one or more Prize Point.
" Some awards may include selecting from among several choices in a category.

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All content copyright Joseph Valenti 1986 to 2019, all rights reserved. Tel. 914.309.7718.  e-mail