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NERO LARP Adventure Clubs

Hartford University College Club - March 01, 2005

NERO Army Military Club

NERO West Haven CT Adventure Club - 2006

NERO Adventure Club, Arizona - 2005

NERO Adventure Club, Philadelphia

George Mason University College Club - February 01, 2005

NERO® Adventure Club© version 5.0

Authored by Kevin Tjia, Joseph Valenti, Matt Pearson

Purpose: To broaden the availability of NERO® Live Adventures worldwide through the empowerment of local gaming groups and game stores.

Mission: Empower individuals, gaming groups and game stores with the ability to hold NERO® Live Adventures locally. This is an ideal program for individuals who live some distance from a NERO® Chapter that want to enjoy NERO® products and services locally.


  • NERO Adventure Clubs allow NERO® Members to start clubs in their local area whereby they may enjoy gathering locally for single day events. The Adventure Club goes beyond the Member Sponsored Events program. It allows gaming groups to organize themselves into self-play groups, integrated into the game world, and fully supported by the organization.

  • The NERO Office maintains a full-time staff member to support the Adventure Club program. Adventure Clubs are supported with personnel, materials, props, equipment, guidance, special appearances and advice from the organization.

  • The NERO® office provides the adventure club an internet web site, complete with mail servers, and its own club named domain, for use.

  • The NERO® office provides support in helping to market and promote NERO in the Adventure Clubs area via a marketing guidebook that includes fliers, brochures, banners, business card templates, and so much more.

  • The NERO® office is committed to advertising all of its affiliates and also helps the club with ‘how to’ for advertising its club locally at game stores, game expo’s, and on the internet.

  • The NERO® office collaborates with The AC Plot Coordinator to incorporate the adventure clubs in-game territory into the Tyrran Campaign and as part of the Kydor Hegemony - a land specifically created for Adventure Clubs – to create an entertaining game atmosphere within the NERO Universe.

  • AC Members become basic members of NERO - the cost of which is $30.00 per year. The NERO® Office delivers the NERO® Rule Book© to the mailing address of each NERO® Member, ensuring that each and every member receives one. There is no additional cost to start an adventure club - the cost is included in the Adventure Club member dues – allowing all of the members to share the burden and the fun.

  • A minimum of 2 NERO® Members, local to the area, are needed to apply for an Adventure Club. We are confident the Adventure Club will grow once it is formed. Adventure clubs must hold one club meeting per month and one in-game event per month.

  • Adventure Club member dues are $10 per month via visa/mastercard paid to the NERO office. Adventure Club member dues pay for the NERO Office expenses to support the adventure club. All Staff, Players, and NPC’s must submit the monthly AC member dues to participate in Adventure Club events.

  • The Adventure Club is mandated to hold one Adventure Club meeting and one Adventure event per month, and is given authorization to hold said NERO® related events for NERO Members in the area.

  • A set amount of character experience is awarded to the adventure club staff and to adventure club event players, to ensure that the proper amount of character experience is awarded for the effort and events attended by the NERO members in the club.

  • Multi-day, overnight events are not produced by Adventure Clubs and are reserved for NERO® Chapters.

How Do I Form an Adventure Club?

To form an Adventure Club, contact the NERO® Office via the online Adventure Club Application Form, via an e-mail, or via telephone. Be prepared to answer questions as to the location of the club, if a game store is helping to sponsor the club, how many people are interested - generally 6 people are needed.

Adventure Club Location

Adventure Clubs that exist within the current operating area of a NERO® Chapter may be directly sponsored by that local chapter provided the Chapter, The Adventure Club Coordinator, and the NERO Office are in agreement.

Adventure Club Coordinators

·                    Each Adventure Club elects a Club Coordinator who is responsible for coordinating with their sponsor, members of the NERO® Knights program, and also as the point of contact for all things to do with the NERO® Adventure Club.

·                    The AC Plot Coordinator manages the storywriters of the club. The AC Plot Coordinator and the NERO Office organize the in-game storyline as a part of the NERO universe – in the Kydor Hegemony. See the In-Game Setting. The AC Plot Coordinator and AC Plot Writers build the background of the Adventure Club’s in-game territory, provide Character History Assistance to Adventure Club Members and write adventures for event attendees to enjoy.

·                    The AC Member Coordinator manages recruitment efforts of new members into the club.

·                    The AC Event Coordinator manages event dates, meeting and game locations, and ensures that all required paperwork and fees are submitted.  The AC Events Coordinator communicates with a NERO Knight or directly with the NERO Office to schedule events.

·                    The AC Props Coordinator manages the Props and Physical Assets of the Adventure Club, ensuring that all required paperwork and fees are submitted.

·                    The AC Logistics Coordinator manages Member and Character tracking in the NERO Online Database. This position is not required as the NERO Office has dozens of Online Administrators.

Adventure Club Constitution

·                    The NERO Office, either directly or through a designee, will provide support the Adventure Clubs by providing direction and advice via national, regional, and local support personnel and/or teams. Regional, Area, and City Coordinators and NERO Knights are examples of support personnel.

·                    The Adventure Club, upon its approval, will receive the “NERO® Adventure Club Guidebook©” to assist them in running the Club and the NERO Events.

·                    The AC shall meet at least once per month to discuss the business of the Club.

·                    The AC shall meet at least once per month to play the NERO game.

·                    Adventure Club Members are supported by their respective Adventure Club Coordinators and the NERO Office personnel.

·                    AC’s must remain active – holding 1 club meeting and 1 club event per month - to maintain their status. Adventure Clubs must have one Club meeting every calendar month to discuss event scheduling, storyline expansion, and other club related topics. A minimum of 3 Club Coordinators must be present at each meeting.

Adventure Club Limitations

·                    The AC shall provide a Schedule detailing Club Meetings and Game Meetings no less than two weeks prior to the events being scheduled.

·                    Adventure Clubs should make reasonable efforts not to hold an event on a weekend when a nearby NERO Chapter has an Event scheduled - considering alternative dates or foregoing a meeting for the weekend.

·                    ACs may not, under any circumstance, give out any noble titles to Players or to Adventure Club Staff prior to gaining written approval of such from the NERO® Office. This ensures that those who are given a noble title understand the responsibilities and requirements of such a position and that they act appropriately in the NERO Game – as it says in the NERO Rule Book and especially under the Nobility section.

The Adventure Clubs In-Game Adventure Setting

The Adventure Club is assigned a Lordship in the Kydor Hegemony in which they use as the Adventure Clubs in-game setting. The Kydor Hegemony is an in-game land specifically set aside for Adventure Clubs. When created, in March 2005, it was comprised of about 200 small Lordships which have set aside their internal differences and unified under a single name – for mutual protections, better trade, and decreased criminal activity. Kydor is best known for its mercenaries, of which are highly respected and trustworthy.  As part of the Hegemony, a Noble Family will be assigned to the Adventure Club, with the major non-playing characters fleshed out and mutually agreed upon.

Adventure Club Character Experience Awards

·                    AC Members, for attending the AC event once per month, receive ˝ blanket of experience. This is considered, maxed-out.

·                    AC Coordinators, for attending the AC Club Meeting once per month, receive 50 Goblin Points per month. AC Coordinators do not receive additional goblin points for attending additional meetings in any month. AC Coordinators are awarded the ˝ blanket of experience from the AC Event and are also awarded 50 goblin points if they are attending and running the Club Event.

·                    If an AC Member attends a non-AC event, the experience awards received will be based upon the event type held and experience awarded by the NERO Chapter sponsoring the event – which must be the same for all attendees.

·                    If more than one AC event in a month is held and attended, and experience is to be given for the additional event(s), a fee of $5.00 per person, per event being reported, must be submitted to the NERO Office.

·                    Members may only gain an experience award for their character if they are up-to-date and current with Adventure Club Member dues.

NERO® Adventure Club: Member Dues

Each NERO Adventure Club Member must submit monthly adventure club member dues, to cover costs related to supporting the club such as required business insurance, membership cards, silver and gold coin, tracking characters in the NERO® Online Database, administrative salary’s, and promotional materials;

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