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NERO International Membership Program

NERO International Holding Co., Inc. strongly encourages LARP event attendees to verify that the individuals holding the event have Liability and Accident/Medical insurance in the event of an accident. The Company equally encourages individuals not to attend LARP events that do not have active Liability and Accident/Medical Insurance policies.


NON-Participating NERO CHAPTERS & AFFILIATES - Note that most if not all NERO LARP Chapters that are not participating in the program have there own Liability and Accident/Medical insurance.

The Goal is to Add all of the Non-Participating chapters to the Participating Chapters List, to ensure that all

Last Updated 01/05/2008

Participating NERO Chapters & Affiliates:

  1. NERO International Holding Co., Inc

  2. NERO Ashbury

  3. NERO Avendale

  4. NERO Aeon (Toronto Canada)

  5. NERO New Brunswick (New Brunswick Canada)

  6. NERO Hartford

  7. NERO Boston / Epic Adventures

  8. NERO Wisconsin

  9. NERO North Georgia

  10. NERO South Georgia

  11. NERO Eastern Tennessee

  12. NERO Middle Tennessee

  13. NERO Memphis

  14. NERO Kentucky

  15. NERO Chronicles

  16. NERO Central

  17. NERO Las Vegas

  18. NERO D/FW

  19. NERO Austin


  21. NERO Louisiana

  22. NERO Fathoms

  23. NERO Darkreign

  24. PLAN

  25. VORPL

  26. Onyx Hollow - Wildlands West

  27. NERO New Hampshire

  28. NERO Northlands

  29. NERO Piedmont

  30. NERO South Carolina

  31. NERO Nebraska

  32. NERO Houston

  33. METRO Detroit NERO

  34. NERO Central Ohio (OGRE)
  35. North Coast NERO
  36. NERO South West Virginia
  37. NERO Central Florida

  38. NERO North Texas

  39. NERO Nexus
  40. ARGO

Non-Participating NERO Chapters: if you haven't purchased an annual NERO LARP Membership, you will be charged a $5.00 1-time Member fee if your membership is from one of these Chapters.

  1. PRO
  2. POLAR
  4. NERO West Virginia - WAR
  5. Ohio - WAR
  6. NERO Gateways - METRO DC
  7. VALOR
  8. NERO West
  9. NERO Chicago

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