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National Events are part of Joseph’s campaign to show-by-example and to improve the quality of NERO theatrical productions.  They are designed to allow Chapter Owners, Local Staff and Players the opportunity to experience how-Joe-does-it.

  • National Events are held around the country using local NERO Chapters campgrounds.

  • National Events are produced by Joseph Valenti, his National Staff, and local volunteers from NERO Chapters.

  • Join national event staff - E-mail; AIM; Tel. (914) 309-7718.

  • National staff cannot run an event for 100 to 200 people by themselves though, especially since not all of Joseph’s staff will be available at all of the National Events, so we need each of you to NPC for a 4 hour shift if possible.


  • If you have ever wanted to staff an event where Joseph Valenti and his infamous staff are producing the event, attend a NERO LARP National event.

  • If you have ever wanted to experience an event produced by Joseph Valenti and his staff, these are the LARP events you do not want to miss.


  • The NERO Office has produced nearly a half-dozen national events since 1989. Nationally produced events are managed by the National organization including camp rental, logistics, ticket sales, etc.

  • National staff has supported national oriented events where the local chapter staff produces their normal event but national event staff also produces national and local adventures in support of the event, adding the national feel to the game. Nationally supported events are managed by the local chapter including camp rental, logistics, ticket sales, etc.).


The following National Events are tentatively scheduled in the following region/locations. Note that actual event dates will be posted as soon as they are agreed upon by all chapters in the region.

Most Events will be produced in April/May and Oct/Nov.

  • Year 2010 will have 2 national events held in the Central North (IL) and the Central South (TX).

  • Year 2010 - Event 1: April 30-May 02, 2010.

  • Year 2010 - Event 2: October / November – actual date to be posted by May 30, 2010. We are working with NERO TX chapters to schedule a good date.

  • Year 2011 will have 2 national events held in the northeast (CT/MA) and the southeast (GA/TN).

  • Year 2012 will have 2 national events held in Toronto and New Brunswick.

  • Year 2013 will have 2 national events held in the northwest (CA/NV) and the southwest (AZ).

  • Year 2014 will have 2 national events held in OH/PA and VA/NC.

THE NERO Rule Book 8th Edition (w cover pictures)
The NERO Rule Book© Errata & Formal Magic Errata© (01-2009)
The NERO Formal Magic System©
The NERO Formal Cantrip Magic System
Latex Weapon Playtest Announcement
NERO Fae Handbook
NERO Tyrran Cosmology
The Accords of Avalon
Laws of Avalon_n_Evendarr




·         Pre-registered individuals will have their character card, production items and rumors in their pre-registration envelope.

·         Non-Pre-registered individuals should bring 2 copies of their character card – 1 for themselves and 1 to turn in at check-in - though it is not a requirement. We will have access to all characters in the NERO Online database but its quicker if you have your character cards.

·         Check-In starts at 4:00 PM and ends at 9:00 PM.

·         Late Check-in starts at 9:01 PM and is at Monster Camp.

·        Game starts at 9:00 PM with role play and small combat encounters. At about 10.00 PM the event hooks go out and the game starts in earnest, including larger groups of monsters. There will be plenty of adventure modules to go on and there will be wave-like battles Friday Night, Saturday Afternoon, Saturday Night and Sunday just before noon.

·        Game Ends Sunday at 3:00 PM.


If you do not have a white head band on, you are in-game. There will be no exceptions. Every Staff Member and NPC for the event will be given role play parts and will always be in game if they do not have a white headband on, except during wave battles when 

We will provide 1 white headband to each attendee at checkin-in. If you lose lose the free white headband, come to the onsite LARP Gear Store or to Monster Camp and we will sell you 2 white headbands for $1.00

Having a weapon over your head is not valid at this event.


·         All NERO Member Character cards must be in the National Database or they are not considered valid.

·         Every NERO Member has the opportunity to view and update their character in the National Online Database, which also tracks event attendance, experience and goblin points.

·         Any NERO Chapter that wants to maintain a local database may do so, but they must also place all members’ character cards into the national online database and update the database after every event.

Stay in game all of the time. Do not go out of game unless you absolutely have to.

Never, ever talk out of game when within 20 feet of other players who are in game.

Thank you

Joseph Valenti

All content copyright Joseph Valenti 1986 to 2019, all rights reserved. Tel. 914.309.7718.  e-mail