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NERO® Knight - Campus Representative Guide©


Role of Campus Representative


As a Campus Representative, you will be the liaison between the NERO®, Local Chapter(s) and the school administration. You will help organize activities (Sparring Practices, In-game parties, social events, etc.) and be the spokesperson for NERO® on you campus.


For everyone involved, you are NERO®. Think of this as ambassadorial privileges and responsibilities. You are NERO®'s ambassador to your college. It is important that as a Campus Representative, you look and act professionally. Your actions will reflect NERO® as a whole, which is why you were chosen as the Campus Representative. Does this mean you must wear business attire to all meetings? Of course not, we recognize you have the common sense and ability to represent NERO® in a professional manner.


Your first responsibility will be to contact the school administration we wish NERO® to be embraced by the school for the values it teaches, and the opportunities it affords to the school and students alike. This is further explained in the administration contact articles below. Your second responsibly will be to organize the students. Post fliers (see article on posting fliers), Advertise (article on advertising), discover how far NERO® extends on your campus, and to get new members. Members will look to you as an authority on NERO®, but please refrain from making Rules judgments unless you are an approved Rules Marshall. Lastly, you will help organize transportation to and form a NERO® Adventure Campus Club. We are hoping that the school administration will help in these regards, but they may not.


Who is involved with NERO® On Your Campus?


Have some idea of how many students attend NERO® at your college. This may be as simple as counting your friends who attend NERO® with you, but do not leave out the students who 'would' attend if the school were to 'sponsor' them.


Next, take a look around your campus. What are the other activities that relate to NERO®? Tabletop gaming societies? Historical Re-enactment societies? Fencing Clubs? Contact the groups to gauge their interest in NERO®, and use this fact gathering when contacting the school administration.


Administration Contact


The first step is to find out who is responsible for student activities at the highest level of the administration. In many smaller colleges, this might be the Dean of Student Life. In larger universities, this function is usually located in the central administration. Ask around, discover who or what office makes decision for student activities. Who plans the dances, the class trips, college-sponsored spring breaks, etc.


Next, you must arrange a meeting with this person or group. See the sample of an initial contact letter at the end of this document, in the appendix. Type this letter, sign your name as the Campus Representative, and make sure the telephone number you provide is recent and available.


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