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NERO® Knights: Local Game Rep Program

Draft v1.2

For NERO: Matt Pearson, Joseph Valenti, Noah Mason, Dan Comstock


As a NERO® Knight, you are volunteering as a local game representative to help get people interested in the many NERO® games available. While there are many different tactics on how to “pitch” the game to people there are some critical activities that are the core of this grass-roots effort. This program works through the NERO Office, the local NERO Chapter, NERO Affiliates, and completely separate from NERO (through the Sword Fighters Guild). NERO Chapters, NERO Affiliates, and Game Conventions appreciate NERO Knights and the Sword Fighting Arena. NERO Knights do not have to be very good sword fighters, but they should have participated in quite a few battles, say at least twenty five.


How Do I become a NERO Knight?

To become a NERO® Knight you must be a NERO Member or a Member of the Sword Fighters Guild. Read the appropriate web site and know the information well enough to present it to others in conversation with the aid of fliers. The NERO Knight program is used to support NERO and Sword Fighters Guild representatives.


For NERO Representatives, you must know the NeroLarp web site pretty well, be able to explain NERO to the common populace, have a desire to help NERO and LARP Grow and use many of the existing NERO memorabilia.


For the Sword Fighters Guild, gather a few friends together and run a Sword Fighting Tournament or two dozen, using the rules here on our website. Record it using our record keeping sheet here. Think about how you might be able to promote this enjoyable past time to your area, to attract a small group of interested people.


For both, you must have a positive attitude, be willing to learn, have a pleasant attitude, be willing to teach, and act responsibly.


Then, contact the NERO® Office using this form. We will approve or delay your approval pending clarification, tournament running experience, etc. based upon your answers, ship you a NERO Knight Card and appropriate resources ( latex foam swords and practice swords). The NERO Office will notify the local chapters of your status change.


What Are The NERO Knight Responsibilities?

  • Complete at least one of the NERO Knight activities every month.

  • Support neighboring NERO knights in their efforts.

  • provide contact names and information pertaining to any local game groups or clubs.

  • Promote NERO® Adventure Clubs.

  • Promote NERO® Adventure Clubs at Colleges.

  • Promote Sword Fighters Guild events.

  • Promote NERO Live Adventure Weekend Events

  • Provide a bi-weekly summary report to upper management..

  • Provide a written article with a summary of activity's for each month with names of participants and winners.

What Are The NERO Knight Activities?


NERO Adventure Club Support

            Attending NERO Adventure Club activities in the area, helping them plan/schedule/run their event, take attendance, educate new players and promote LARP events. A brief report of the activity and names of those in attendance are sent to your Regional Marketing Manager after each event. 


Game Store Flier

            This activity means placing at least 3 tear-tag fliers (b/w or color) each in at least 3 game stores of interest in your region. The best tactic is to cut the tabs and hang the fliers under each other so that if people take all the tags off the top one there are still more tags. This also is less obnoxious to the store.


Game Store Package

            Placing at least 50 of our tri-fold fliers, a discount coupon pack from your local chapters, and an 11x17 poster in the store and making sure they are displayed. For initial runs on a store this may involve dropping off a NERO rulebook as well for the store to sell or keep. Also on the initial run dropping off a “Store Info Pack” which has all the info on the game and where to buy rulebooks etc.


College Flier

            Placing at least 20 tear-tag fliers (b/w or color) on and around a single college campus. Good places are the Student Union/Activities Building, or taping them up where other fliers are around.  Do not damage the school property or any buildings. Sometimes the Laundry Room is a great place to put a small stack of fliers inviting students to Fighter Practice! For Hanging Fliers, be sure to slit the tags so they can be removed easily.


College Demonstrations

            Working with interested students on campus to run a demo in a visible public place on the campus. Make sure the students have approval if it is needed for this. Light combat and spell practice, and talking about the game and generally recruiting college students as PCs or NPCs in our games. Be sure to bring tri-fold fliers, and a bunch of discount coupons from your local chapters..


Store Demo/info session

            Same as above but some stores won’t allow combat for obvious reasons. That is fine, just bring a stack of tri-fold fliers, some weapons, costuming, a few posters, and some discount coupons from your local chapters.. 


Public Fight Practice

            You must announce this publicly at least 2 weeks prior to holding it. Also place fliers/notices of it around the stores/colleges in your local area to try to get new players to check it out.


Convention support

            NERO® attends a lot of conventions either directly at such large conventions as GenCon & Origins or more locally through its chapters. Whether its NERO or a NERO Chapter attending a convention we need your support! We really need you to step up and volunteer even for a day or part of a day when we go to a game convention in your area.


Online promotion

            There are a LOT of online resources even locally for gaming. Mailing lists and websites which support local game stores, gaming clubs, or just gaming enthusiasts are all over the country. Some national level LARP sites such as Shade’s LARP List and LARPA are also good sites.  Every rep should have at least a few of these sites that they regularly post about upcoming events, their own activities, as well as general and special promotional information about NERO and its games.  We don’t want you to spam these places, so keep their posting rules in mind, but a monthly post goes a long way towards community awareness and particpation in the other game events in your area will help unite all of the industry.


Misc. Information

  • We will place you on the NERO Knights List as well, and with an Active or Inactive status. Active means your membership is active and you are volunteering and Inactive means that you are not currently active but will be at a later time. When you are Inactive you do not gain the benefits of being a NERO Knight.

  • You cannot do any work as a NERO Knight until you get your Membership Card stating your status.

What do I get as a NERO Knight?

  • A special NERO Knight ID card recognizing your status.  You must display this openly whenever you are working as a NERO Knight.

  • Tri-fold fliers, tear-tag fliers, posters, discount coupon packages, and copies of the NERO Rule Book©. ALL Downloadable right HERE!

  • Access to a special forum and mailing list to support the program

  • Electronic copy of the fliers will be provided if requested.

  • 25 Goblin Stamps per-month when Active, for each day of activity.

  • Dragon Point (1) per month that a NERO Knight is active, when 2 days of activity are reached.

  • A The Live Adventures Company Expo Staff T-Shirt

  • Other perks as deemed appropriate by the NERO Office or the Local Chapter..

All content copyright Joseph Valenti 1986 to 2019, all rights reserved. Tel. 914.309.7718.  e-mail