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NEROŽ Binding Rip-Free Play test v1.1
ersion 1.1 2006-10-01
For NERO Rules: Graham Hine. Mickey Golosvker


To enable player races and monsters to rip free of binding effects not including Confine or Imprison.


Anyone without the 'rip free' monster ability can still tear their way out of Pin, Bind, Web and Entangle effects, but not Confine or Imprison. This takes a ten-count ("I rip free one, I rip free two, I rip free three."). At the end of the word ten of the ten-count, the character takes damage which goes straight to body, bypassing all armor points, per the following chart:

Pin/Entangle Foot

10 damage to body

Bind/Entangle Arms

20 damage to body

Web/Entangle Body

25 damage to body


Cannot rip free


Cannot rip free


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