NEROŽ Craftsmen: Training Max-out
Version 1.0 2006-06-18
For NERO Rules: Graham Hine


Maxing People out with the Craftsmen: Training Skill. To help encourage in-game teaching and advancement.


Players can purchase Craftsmen: Training and max people out with the skill depending on the number of times you've purchased Craftsman: Teaching. This skill lets Teachers train people and help cover the silver they'd normally have to pay for training (called Max-Out). . Effectively, your skill can provide the training that the silver coins that you turn in to the Chapter represents. Additionally, as you teach others and buy 5 Craftsmen: Teacher skills, you learn something yourself and your training is, in turn, covered.

You may teach as many people equal to your level in Craftsman: Teaching + 1 at the same time, so a person with Craftsman: Teaching 3 can teach 4 people at the same time (assuming they have enough build to do so.)

  1. Find a teacher who is at least 5 levels higher than you are, preferably the same class, and who is willing to spend time instructing you. (Note: NPCs can teach!)
  2. Together, notify a plot member that you're getting generalized training from this person. The plot member will note the time on both player cards.
  3. Required: Spend 30 minutes with the role-play, and have fun with it!
  4. Together, notify the plot member that you're done and they'll confirm it on your player cards.

Following is the table to determine how much loose you can teach others and how much you get in return. All percentages are based on the teacher's build.

Craftsman: Teaching Level
% of your build you can teach others
Loose you get back for yourself
Half of what you teach
Half of what you teach
Half of what you teach
Half of what you teach
Half of what you teach
All of what you teach

Example 1: I have 200 build and Teaching: 2. Big Jim, who has 100 build, comes to me and asks to be taught. He's 5 levels lower than I am, so I can teach him. I look at the chart above and figure out that I can teach out 40% of my total build, or 80 build points worth of loose for the event. In return, I get 40 of my own loose covered. To get full loose, Big Jim needs another 20 build covered, and I still need 160.

Example 2: I have 200 build and Teaching 5. I can teach out a total of 200 build worth of training, and if I do, I get all of my own loose covered! I find 4 students, each with 50 build, and I spend 30 minutes with the group of them. They each get their 50 build covered (4 x 50 = 200) and I get all my build covered!

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