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NEROŽ Critical Slay/Parry Playtest
Version 1.0 2006-06-18
For NERO Rules: Graham Hine


To increase the effectiveness of the expensive "slay" ability


With this play-test it is no longer necessary to make the statement "Prepare to Die" for critical Slay. Instead, when using a Critical Slay, one appends "Slay" to the end of the call to denote the Slay effect. remember that you must complete the complete damage statement before swinging the sword forward as is stated in the NERO Rule Book.

Example 1:

Geof is fighting Derik. He swings at Derik, "5 Normal," but takes "4 Normal" twice in return. Geof is on his last leg, so he decides that it is now or never. With his next swing, he calls out "37 Normal Slay" and drops Derik.

Since multiple slays might be used on one target, the victim must call "hit" or otherwise indicate that the slay was successful. When this happens, the attacker can activate another slay if they have the skills for it.

Example 2:

Bill The Cool is fighting Bob the Sturdy, Bill starts swinging "6 normal, 6 normal, 42 normal slay, 42 normal slay," and then Bob is hit by the weapon, taking 42 points of damage. Bob says, "Hit!", but he doesn't fall down! Bill decides to strike again at Bob and calls, "42 normal slay, 42 normal slay," until once again Bob is hit, crying out "Hit!", taking another 42 points, and finally falling down.

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