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NERO® Alternative Lock-picking System v1.1

Version 1.1 2006-10-01

For NERO Rules: Graham Hine. Mickey Golosvker


Offer an alternative system to lock-picking that represents the lock picking skill that still offers a physical challenge.


Lock tags and pick tags will have numbers associated with them which will determine how challenging the lock picking puzzle will be.

For example, we may provide a physical challenge in the form of buzzer and wire system. Essentially, one will have to thread a lock pick physical representation from one end of a wire to the other without triggering a buzzer.

  • The skill Pick Locks allows a character to set off the buzzer twice without having to start over. Each additional purchase of CO: Locksmith allows the character to set off the buzzer one additional time without having to start over.
  • Further, the greater in the IG skill of the character, the greater the size of the hole in the “pick” phys-rep provided or approved by the chapter.
  • The level of difficulty of the lock is represented by the length of the wire and the complexity of the bends in the wire.

Note: There may be locks represented by other mechanisms which will be explained by staff if need be.

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