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Adjudication Policy©

“If there is a dispute over a rules interpretation between players, a Marshal should be called to act as an arbitrator . . . Once a decision is made, play along with it and don’t question the Marshal’s ruling - the Marshal may be aware of facts unavailable to you or may be making a decision based on what was intended by the rule.  If you feel the Marshal’s decision was incorrect or unfair, you may bring this to the attention of an Adjudicator after an event.  You must announce your intention of adjudicating before either the end of the event or before resurrecting in the case of death.  All Adjudications should be submitted in writing within a month of the incident.”

Bearing this in mind: 

1) Purpose:

A) Adjudications are meant to resolve rules misinterpretations between players, or between players and a marshal.  A marshal will handle disputes between Non Player Characters and players, and disputes between marshals will be handled by other means.

B) Minor mistakes in the heat of combat are a part of the game, and are not grounds for adjudication.  Cheating or major rules misinterpretations by a player or a marshal are the only grounds to adjudicate.

 2) Process:

A) The intent to adjudicate must come before a character resurrects if the situation involves the death of a character. If the situation doesn’t permit easy resolution the character may opt to resurrect and the issues will be dealt with afterward.

B) In all other cases, a request for adjudication must be declared before the end of the event.

C) In both cases, NERO must receive the written request for adjudication no later than one month after the event.

 3) Result:

A) No adjudication will be decided until at least one week after NERO has received the written request.  All attempts will be made to resolve the matter before the next event, to keep the continuity of the game intact.

B) Only players directly affected by the results of the adjudication will be notified of the results.  No other player has the right to know the outcome.

C) If warranted, disciplinary action will be taken against any player who knowingly violated the rules.  If action is taken, only the offending player will be notified.

 4) Summary:

Adjudications are rare and serious occurrences.  Minor rules glitches during the heat of combat are a part of the game, and should not be grounds for adjudication.  Cheating or major rules misinterpretations on the part of a player, NPC, or marshal will be adjudicated if requested in a timely manner.  Disciplinary action will be taken if the situation warrants it.  Only the players directly involved in adjudication or disciplinary matter will be notified of the results.

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