Cheating and Metagaming Policy

Players who are caught cheating or meta-gaming raise the risk of being suspended or kicked out of NERO. Remember, you do not have a right to play our game.

If you know of someone cheating, you should immediately report this to a marshal.

Metagaming is harder to call. It is difficult to keep from bragging about your adventures to people out-of-game. And sometimes people do not remember if they got information in-game or out-of-game. If you do not want people to act of information they have discovered out-of-game, the best solution is to never tell any secrets!

Peer pressure counts for a lot here. Don't let your teammates cheat or metagame. Sooner or later, he or she will get caught and everyone will assume that you are guilty as well.

This leads to a tender subject: Gossip about cheaters and metagamers. It is common for players to gripe about other players and call them cheaters or metagamers but the fact is that Nero is very proud of the fact that we have so few.

Gossip can ruin our game. We all need to watch what we say about other players. Hearsay and Innuendo have no place in NERO.

If you think that someone is cheating or metagaming, don't whine and complain to your friends about it- report it to a marshal! And if a marshal comes to you and asks about a possible cheating situation, please cooperate and don't take it personally.

If someone makes an accusation against someone else ask, "How do you know that?" If they have firsthand knowledge, ask" Why haven't you reported that to a Marshal?" If they don't have firsthand knowledge, refuse to listen to them.

Only by working together and trusting each other enough to give the benefit of the doubt can we keep this game running fairly for everyone. Your cooperation is crucial to make sure we have a fair, fun game.

Thank You

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