NERO Member Code of Conductę

NERO expects its members to act responsibly as adults, to respect other players, and abide by the NERO rules and policies.

Nero will not tolerate dangerous non-game physical violence, damage or theft of non-game items or property, vandalism, display of pornographic materials, open and gross lewdness, or any actions by an individual or group which demonstrates a wanton lack of respect for the safety or security of the people, property or environment at any Nero site.

Nero does not condone any form of out-of-game bigotry or discrimination against any group or individuals because of their out of game afflictions, including race, gender, age, religion, ethnic background, ideology, sexual orientation, physical appearance, handicap or disability. Or any other part of a player's background.

All players in the NERO game are responsible for knowing the rules contained in the rulebook and following them in the course of play. Nero reserves the right to remove you from play or otherwise limit you participation in NERO if it is found that you have disobeyed the NERO rules. Nero will make every reasonable effort to inform you of all rules changes, interpretations and corrections.

Remember that in all case it is the spirit of the rule and not the literal meaning of the rule that should guide you. If you find a loophole in a rule that obviously goes against the rules intention, then you should bring this your local rules committee. Knowingly trying to take advantage of this unintended loophole is cheesy at best and could be considered cheating at worse if your interpretation is gravely contrast.

If there is a dispute over a rules interpretation between players, a Marshal should be called to act as an arbitrator. When dealing with a marshal or other NERO representative, you can help by presenting your case calmly and by answering all of the marshals questions as directly as possible. Once a decision is made, play along with it and don't question the marshal's ruling- the Marshal may have been aware of facts unavailable to you or may be making a decision based on what was intended by the rule.

If you feel a Marshal's ruling was incorrect or unfair, you may bring this to the attention of an Adjudicator. See the Adjudication Policies for more information.

Do not nitpick on the details of the situation - understand and follow the intent of the rules. If you play fair and be considerate of everyone else's enjoyment of the game, your comments will be taken more seriously and will be better respected.

Nero does not allow alcohol or any illegal drug at its events. This includes alcohol in the parking lot or anywhere on the premises, even before the game begins or after it ends. NERO will remove any member who NERO suspects is intoxicated or high.

See the NERO Sportsmanship Policy

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