Glossary of NERO Terms©

NERO® Membership: There is only one type of Membership within the Organization, that of General Member.  As a Member, you are responsible for adhering to All Policy & Rules including the NERO LARP Sportsmanship Policies©.. Holding Office does not alter the benefits or the duties of the Member within the Organization. Members are those people who:
        Are of a minimum age as specified in the bylaws
        Pay Monthly Membership Dues as specified in the bylaws
        Are otherwise in good standing as specified in the bylaws.

Member/Player: This group includes all NERO® Members. Whether they purchase plot submissions, adventures, or attend weekend events, or if they are staff of a local chapter, an international representative, or aren't on any staff of any chapter whatsoever. We are all players. 

Goblin Stamps: Goblin Stamps are how NERO® Chapters reward players who volunteer their time or services to help the game they love. This is One of the ways to convert out-of-game effort into in-game reward. 

Plot Submissions: Some chapters allow you to submit a Plot Write-up and payment to receive a response and Event Blankets. The payment guarantees that you receive a plot response explaining what your character does off-board for that month and also allows the character to gain experience for the submission. Please remember to include events you plan to attend in your plot submission so they may be accounted for. Characters are limited to gaining two blankets of experience per month total from Plot Submissions. 

Event: With so many different NERO ® Chapters it is difficult to outline all the NERO ® Services offered. Any time a staff member and one or more players gather together in a live-action role-play (LARP) setting, and/or remit attendance fees to a NERO ® Chapter, and involve themselves in NERO ® Oriented functions, and earn a “blanket”, either in whole or in part, is an Event. 

Event Player: A NERO ® member playing a character at an Event. 

2-Day Event: An event which last from Friday until Sunday, usually from about 8pm Friday until 2pm on Sunday. Some chapters operate 2-day events that start Friday and end Saturday night, using Sunday to clean the camp and depart. 

3-Day Event: An event that lasts from Friday until Monday. Some chapters operate 3-day events that start Friday and end Sunday night, using Monday to clean the camp and depart. 

Player Character (PC): Player Characters are Members who have characters who are not under the control of the Plot Committee. Player Characters gain In Game/Plot benefits through active participation in the Organization's Events.

Legal Build: The only type of legal build is that from the starting amount, which is 30 build points, and build from event and non-event blankets.

NERO® Cast Member (CM): Commonly called NPC for Non-Player Character, Cast Members are Members that have characters in Plot that act under the control of the Plot Committee. Cast Members report to the Plot Coordinator during Events


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