Marshal Definitions

Formal Magic Marshal: FM Marshal’s can inspect and authorize players to cast formal magic spells while in-game.    The FM Marshall will attend the Formal Spell Casting and will accept all components from the caster when the spell is completed, marking spell details on all casters cards as necessary.

Monster Marshal: A Monster Marshall is able to determine the monsters that are to be sent into play, either as random or planned encounters. There can be any number of Monster Marshals at a chapter, and in some chapters all staff members are monster marshals too.

Race Marshal: Race Marshals coordinate plot for the Race they are a marshal of in the local chapter or at the National level if they are a NERO ® International representative. These people are the Local Chapter Contact or National Contact, and they help to distribute the Race Handbook to players who request them. The Race Marshal also advises players on how to apply make-up, dress in proper Racial garb and how to role-play a character of that Race in General. Race Marshals are also responsible for reviewing each character in-game, every quarter or so, to evaluate if the proper make-up and aesthetics are being used, or to warn if someone who is not playing their race correctly.

Rules Marshall: A Rules Marshal can answer a question about how a NERO ® Rule works. There is rarely ever a reason to call a hold to find out how a rule works. Local Chapters have Rules Marshals to make calls when a question arises during game play, and too discuss ideas, suggestions, and feedback on current rules with National Rules Council members.

Safety Marshal: A Safety marshal may choose to halt and move play at any time, at their discretion. It isn’t easy to interrupt play, but when an unsafe zone or time period is encountered, it is necessary. If the area is unsafe, be careful when leaving and be sure to advise the Marshal of an alternative area if you know of one.

Weapons Marshal: A Weapons Marshal can inspect any weapon at any time, and may deem the weapon either safe or unsafe for combat, at their discretion. We all entrust our weapon marshals with our safety, and when they request a weapon to be re-made, let us spend the time to make it again, so that we will not hurt ourselves or anyone else.

Please do not needle our marshals with your theory.

In some chapters, a Staff Member acts as all of the Marshals when a decision needs to be made.

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