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Our General Policy on Freedom of Speech – “Pull it down, answer questions later”

As for free speech and all that... We at Nero Int'l fully support the individual player's right to post constructive criticism about chapters, rules, officers, etc...

However, there is a big difference between constructive criticism and just plain negative and / or disparaging comments.

We will (and have in the past) suspended player's ability to post on any Nero boards because they posted mean, negative, and disparaging remarks. 

For example, saying "I feel John made a bad rules decision on "x", it should have been this <insert optional decision> for these reasons <insert reasons>" or saying "I did not have fun at the event because there were not enough modules, combat was scaled wrong, and there were not enough NPC's." are perfectly fine, and national adjudication will defend your right to say such things. 

However, saying "John sucks! His decision on "X" is full of sh*t, and so is he" or saying "I went to this totally stinky event, the people running it must of had their heads up their butts, there was nothing to do." are not ok, and we will not support posts like this.

Forum Discussion Policy Regarding NERO Officers (02/14/2002)

Unless a post is made in either the "INTERNATIONAL ANNOUNCEMENTS" or "OFFICIAL RULES ERRATA" forums it is NOT to be considered an official policy, rules clarification, etc by NERO International. Those two forums at this time are the ONLY two places on the message boards where OFFICIAL POLICY and OFFICIAL RULES information will be posted. All other postings by NERO International Officers and Reps in ANY other location on these forums are considered opinion and matters for discussion or debate and are IN NO WAY considered an official policy or position by NERO International.


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