NERO Sportsmanship Policy

All Nero Participants

- Follow the spirit of the rules, as well as the letter of the rules.

- Play fairly and honestly.

- Be considerate of all other Nero participants.

- Remember, everyone has the right to enjoy Nero as much as you do.

- Contribute to the fun of all Nero participants.

- Don't play in a style that detracts from the fun of the event, or anyone's chance to have fun at an event.

Staff, Marshals, etc...

- Abide by the expectations that apply to all Nero participants.

- It is your job to run the event. Remember, you are not playing against the players. Everyone's enjoyment of the event is your top priority.

- All participants must be treated equally and equitably, by you and by other participants. Favoritism will not be tolerated.

- Run events in a professional manner. Remember that you represent Nero to anyone present at an event, whether participating or observing.

Administration (National, Local, etc...)

- Abide by the expectations that apply to all Nero participants, Staff, Marshals, etc....

- Respond and communicate in a timely, respectful, and articulate manner.

- Uphold the authority of your staff, and do not overrule them without careful investigation.


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