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Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Our NERO LARP Policies & Decisions

10/14/2003: Question: May we use the term Rom or Romani in our in-game Gypsy Race Handbooks and Histories?

Answer: No. The term Rom, Romani, Romanes, Romany are no longer to be used to depict our Gypsy Race/Culture. This policy is to avoid possibly Insulting any of those cultural groups who are represented by the same name.

7/15/2003 Question: Are we permitted to work with other non-NERO LARPS?

Answer: Yes. Working with other LARPS is a terrific idea provided the other LARPS are sincere and honest with their intentions. NEROŽ chapters have enjoyed excellent working relationships in the past with several other LARPs including Belegarth, Ampgard, Dagor’hir, Seer Productions, Uberheim, Realms of Adventures, and many more. By working with other organizations in the industry, we can present our professional attitudes and show by example that LARP staff can provide quality customer service and genuinely care about entertaining others. When presented in this manner, by our highly skilled Chapter Owners and Staff, those whom play and prospecting may be more likely to play a LARP, and even more likely to come play NEROŽ. Any LARP that allows for NERO Characters to be brought into their game is absolutely shunned by NERO National and the NERO Office as this is seen as gaining one of the benefits of NEROŽ without being part of NEROŽ, held accountable by NEROŽ, or restricted by NEROŽ.

Question: Are we permitted to give Goblin Stamps to our members for attending non-NEROŽ LARP’s as PC’s or NPC’s?

Answer: No. Though we should work with other LARPS, we shouldn’t give away the Benefits of being with NEROŽ. Goblin Stamps are one of the ways that NEROŽ Members may be compensated by NERO for their efforts and donations. We have strict stipulations on the distribution and use of Goblin Stamps within NEROŽ, both out of game and in-game. Non-NEROŽ LARP’s are not permitted to issue Goblin Stamps to NEROŽ Members. NEROŽ would have no control over the general distribution of Goblin Stamps from non-NEROŽ organizations and the influx of NEROŽ Goblin Stamps from Non-NEROŽ Sources could also undermine game balance scaling that may be done in regards to Goblin Stamps distributed and redeemed by NEROŽ members. Placing a restriction upon the incoming of Goblin Stamps from non-NEROŽ Larp’s would add further sentences to our policies.

The NEROŽ Office instituted NEROŽ Members to receive the benefits of Goblin Stamps for Volunteering there time and resources to NERO first, and to other area LARP’s second. The NEROŽ Office forbids the acceptance of non-NEROŽ LARP issued NEROŽ Goblin Stamps to NEROŽ members in attendance at there non-NEROŽ games. Each of the Local Chapters is encouraged to promote the other NEROŽ chapters, and to make visits to each Chapter in the area to show there support for them, if at all possible.

Question: Can we take a character from another LARP or Non-NEROŽ Rule Book Campaign and transfer it into a NEROŽ Rule Book Campaign as a NEROŽ character?

Answer: No. NEROŽ prohibits non NEROŽ Characters from Transferring into NEROŽ Games. Likewise, Characters from Campaigns ‘based upon the NEROŽ rules’ such as Dark Legends of the Shadow Realms (DLSR), Wildlands, & Crossroads may never transfer into Tyrran Campaigns or vice-versa.

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