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Latex Weapon Use at NERO LARP Events Announcement

NEROŽ International Holding Co., Inc.
P.O. Box 543
Rye NY 10580
(914) 309 - 7718
Joseph Valenti
Updated 3-18-2010 - added Museum Replicas Warlords Approval (they were approved in 2009 but lost the doc with site & computer crash)
Updated 01/08/2009 - Added Art Creations Approval
Updated 04/23/2007
(Added Eagle Flex)
Updated 06/20/2006 (edited only)
Updated 03/01/2006
Updated 11/27/2005
Updated 7/14/2005
Updated April 4, 2005
Announcement, July 23, 2003

To All NERO LARP Members:

NERO International has committed to moving forward with adding latex/sculpted/injection molded foam weapons to the NERO game. These types of weapons combined with better props, costumes, and makeup, dramatically improve the look and feel of NERO and take the game to an even higher level.

The NERO Office strongly encourages the use of foam sculpted swords at our events, instead of boffer swords.

Year 2009: We approved Museum Replicas Warlords Collection.

January 2009: We approved Art Creations and issued a NERO LARP Weaponry Approval Letter.

April 2007: We approved Eagle Flex weaponry for use at NERO events. Read about it here...

March 2006: We approved Calimacil line of weaponry for use at NERO events.

February 2005: Weapons manufactured by Forgotten Dreams Design Studio, of Germany, are approved for us at NERO Events. All latex daggers, latex short swords, latex long swords, latex hammers, and latex maces manufactured by Forgotten Dreams Design Studio, of Germany, are permitted to be used at NERO Games. They are used in the Live Adventure e.V. production, Conquest, each year, and in other live action role playing games in Europe. Joseph Valenti used these weapons on his trip to the lands of Mythodea in Germany with Dan Comstock and Noah Mason in August of 2005. These high quality latex weapons are extremely durable, and come with Tip-Shear technology, making it very difficult to ruin the latex foam or break the tip of the weapon.

Send us your latex, foam, sculpted weapons and we shall evaluate them for approval within our LARP Games!

The Current Complete List of Latex Weapon Retail Companies are;

Wholesale Distributor Partners
NERO now carries the line of practice swords (full contact) and they carry Forgotten Dreams Design Studio's weaponry.

Weapon Evaluation Policy:
Any individuals or vendors who wish to have their weapons evaluated for use at NERO LARP Events are encouraged to contact the NERO office for details of the vendor approval program. It is very simple and involves sending several of your weapons to us for review and use in our games under the guidance of our senior staff members.

NERO combat rules and weapons construction/safety policy
Below are the changes made to the regarding LATEX/Sculpted/Injected Foam Weapons;

Initial combat rules changes and clarifications for using Latex/Sculpted/Injected foam weapons:
- There is ABSOLUTELY No thrusting while using Latex Weapons.
- All swings must be under 90 degrees and only light contact
- Any person involved unsafely in combat will forfeit the privilege of using these weapons for a duration to be determined by the local chapter
- Weapons should be checked after each fight for damage/breakdown of the foam to be extra safe.
- Role-playing the swinging of an actual heavy sword is highly encouraged.

NERO Latex/Sculpted/Injected Foam Weapon construction guidelines
- All foam on the weapon must be '33' weight or softer foam but no less than '25'.
- Minimum 5/8" foam depth to core on striking surfaces
- Minimum 3/8" foam depth to core on all non-striking surfaces
- Minimum 1 ˝" foam depth to core extended past core on both ends of the core
- Weapons can have no sharp edges or points.
- Weapon tips must be rounded off and not brought to sharp points
- Weapon Striking Surface must be rounded off and not brought to sharp points
- Core must have protection on weapon tips to prevent tearing/splitting of the foam
- Core must not rattle or twist inside the foam

Joseph Valenti
President, NEROŽ

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