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NERO LARP General Policies

NERO LARP Guiding Principles
        Only Members may hold positions in the Organization.
        All Members may participate in all Events of the Organization
        Membership does not convey the right to gain In Game/Plot Benefits
        No person will be barred from Membership as described by the Discrimination Laws of the United States of America

Playing the Chapter you Own: NERO National strongly discourages its Local Chapter Owners from playing Characters in their own Chapter, especially if they are an active part of their plot team.

 An Event must be open to *all* players: Placing a restriction on a number of PCs or a number of NPCs is fine, but every player must be given the choice of one or the other. For example, a particular campsite might have a limit of 150 players total.  The chapter would announce “Our next Event is being held on <date>.  We have a maximum of 150 total PCs and NPCs, so sign up soon”.  This is acceptable.

 Player character Level Limitations: Though NERO ® doesn’t encourage limiting the level of characters at events, chapters may limit the level of player characters playing their game for a maximum of three (3) years. Chapters have the option of allowing the players to remove build from their existing character in order to play. The policy must be the same for every NERO® member.

 Character Re-Writes: A "re-write" is when a new character is created using build from an old character.  This is not allowed.  The only way a character can be changed is through Spirit Forge or Race Change. A player cannot "retire" a character and get a certain percentage of that characters build towards a new character. There are two exceptions to this policy.  First - A new player may rewrite his character at the end of his second event attended (including events they might have attended as a NPC).  Second - A rewrite may be allowed in the decision of an adjudication.  Any rewrite done this way must be registered with NERO ® International's Chief Adjudicator, currently Joseph Valenti.

Player Character Transfers from other LARP’s: A player transferring in from another LARP must start a new character. No additional build, levels, items, etc... can be granted to them based on their character in the other LARP, or because they are transferring in from another LARP.

Build Purchasing: A chapter cannot sell build for cash, donations, etc.. A chapter may give "goblin points" for cash and donations, and may sell services like "Plot Submissions", and “Character History Assistance” but they may not sell build for cash. All blankets applied to a character must follow the blanket policy.

Build Cheating: Any player that knowingly reports a false amount of build or levels, or abuses the award system will be suspended from all NERO ® Chapters for a minimum of six months. In addition, their character will be reduced to one half of its actual build level.  Example – Joseph is 10th level with 106 build.  He goes to an event in another chapter, tells the check in staff he doesn't have his card, but is 12th level with 123 build.  After he is caught, he will be suspended for a minimum of 6 months, and his new amount of build will be 53.

Selling NERO ® Items for Out of Game Money: Tagged NERO ® Items cannot be sold for out of game currency. This applies to both chapters and players. Any items sold in violation of this policy will be destroyed and the involved players will be suspended from all NERO ® International events for a minimum of 3 months. Physical Representations can still be sold, however the NERO ® tags that represent the In-Game item cannot be sold, nor can they be "included" with the physical representation sale.

Experience and Award Restrictions and Limitations:

  1. The maximum amount of experience any one person can earn can not exceed one blanket per day per character, assessed daily, regardless if they are awarded for Event attendance or are Non-Event blankets.

  2. A character may earn a maximum of 1 Goblin Blanket per weekend, per character, at a cost of 50 goblin points.

  3. Each Member is limited to receiving a maximum of two Event Blankets from Plot Submissions per character, per month.

  4. Players may not spend Goblin points to purchase experience for an event they were unable to attend.

  5. Chapter Staff Members may not be rewarded with distinct “Staff Blankets”. They are rewarded with Goblin Stamps that can be redeemed for Goblin Blankets subject to the normal limitations of Goblin Stamps Redemption.

Buying Back Deaths with Goblin Points

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