NERO Empire Press Release (August 1, 2003)

I. Press Release Information

             NERO EMPIRE will combine the magic of Arthurian Legend with a mythic representation of Rome. NERO EMPIRE wishes to produce a spectacle that is Gladiator meets Lord of the Rings.

NERO EMPIRE is a unique endeavor in the NERO world.  A realm based on the great Italian Republics of old.  Players can play in a great story driven plot from a great cooperative team of directors, get involved in politics on any level [even becoming a Senator in the Capitol of Galerus], or just find a storyline that gets them involved.

             NERO EMPIRE, created from the ground up with a capital investment of $30,000, will have the highest quality production values that Players have been asking for.


             “Having run a successful plot team in the past, I was thrilled when Dustin (the owner of NERO Empire) approached me with the chance to not only be plot for a new chapter, but to create a great new environment in the NERO world.”  Said Lee Langston Plot Director for NERO EMPIRE, “I think the cooperative plot team idea and the fact that we have a really diverse Team consisting of three very experienced role players, one of whom has never done any kind of LARP plot, is a huge asset to the game.  The fact that we have a Permanent Site is fabulous!  I can not wait to get up there and run our first event!”

 An overview from the owner of NERO Empire:

Here are some of the examples of the great things NERO EMPIRE has to offer.

The “NERO EMPIRE New Players Guide” that in the First Edition (to be released August 2003) will explain a never before seen republic governmental system thriving on the world of Tyrra The Republic of Galerus has a fully developed economy, detailed maps, timeline and concise history. The Second Edition will be released January of 2004. This edition will in addition to the above, include profiles of all of our current characters and include art from Monte Moore and other renowned artist in the gaming industry.

We encourage players from all chapters to experience our own permanent site. The site (called The Field House) is located 95 miles southwest of Denver and 55 miles west of Colorado Springs in the beautiful State of Colorado. This 10-acre, 3 story site is adjacent to National Forest and has 15 bunk beds with sheets, blankets and pillows to accommodate 30 people sleeping in the tavern. Two bathrooms, a full service kitchen with staff and the Great Room you have to see to believe. We have 38 marked tent camping sites with solar lanterns to create the most incredible atmosphere at a site this side of the Mississippi River.

The NPC Camp / Module Building is a 1,032 square foot, 17 foot high Army Tent that moves its location from event to event in the National Forest, so you the Player will always be surprised what awaits.

Supporting this amazing site is “The Garage” a full service office that the game is produced.  The Cooperative Plot Team of three individuals and the General Manager who take shifts sleeping so the action never stops.

            As the owner of the newest chapter to NERO International I would like to welcome everyone to our Grand Opening Event August 15-17th, 2003. If you cannot make it to our Grand Opening, we run FULL weekend events every 3rd weekend of the month. We also run Module Days the First Saturday of every month in the Denver Metro Area.

 Here is our current schedule for the rest of 2003.






2nd Grand Opening Free BBQ

6th Module Day/ Fighter Practice

4th Module Day/ Fighter Practice

1st Module Day/ Fighter Practice

6th Module Day/ Fighter Practice

15th –17th Grand Opening Weekend

$45 Pre-Reg or at the door

19th – 20th

Full Weekend


$40/$60 Tent

$45/$65 Bunk

17th – 19th

Full Weekend


$40/$60 Tent

$45/$65 Bunk

14th – 16th

Full Weekend


$40/$60 Tent

$45/$65 Bunk

19th – 21st

Full Weekend


$40/$60 Tent

$45/$65 Bunk

 Thank you for your interest in NERO EMPIRE

Dustin Hatchett, Owner




II. NERO Empire General Information

NERO Empire
Phone # (Denver) 303-906-0932
Phone # (Colorado Springs) 719-837-2970


Mailing Address:

NERO Empire, LLC.
PO Box 247
Hartsel, CO


Business Address: (UPS & FEDEX)

NERO Empire, LLC.

9108 Winona Court

Westminster, CO. 80031


Site Address: (Please do not send any correspondence)

The Colorado Gamer Field House

7256 Jefferson Road

Hartsel, CO. 80449

Plot Director: 
Assistant Plot Director: 
Assistant Plot Director: 
Marketing & Communications: 
IT Manager: 

Dustin Hatchett
Lee Langston
Eirc Bergstrom
Wendy Eberhardt


Lori Langston

Nick Pinckernell

Susan Hatchett



III. NERO Empire Staff Biographies

Dustin Hatchett – Owner / General Manager

Staff Production Director NERO Colorado Feb – Aug 2002.  Plot NERO Colorado. 

15 years gaming experience.  8 years LARP experience. 

Coordinated “The Den” – White Wolf LARP for seven conventions. Self-Employed.

Favorite games:  GURPS, All Avalon Hill Games, Columbia Games Blocks of War.


Susan Hatchett – Finance / Owner

30 years in banking and finance, with Wells Fargo (formally Norwest and United Bank of Denver).

Favorite games: Facts in Five, Beyond Balderdash and Yahtzee.


Lori Langston – Communications and Marketing Director

Executive Board NERO Colorado 1997 &1998.  Site Coordinator/Communications NERO Southern Colorado. 

Currently working as technical writer for Qwest Communications.

Favorite games:  Everway, Lego Creator, NERO.


Lee Langston – Plot Director

Head Plot Nero Colorado 1997 & 1998.  Has played NERO since 1993. 

23 years of role-playing and miniatures gaming. 

Miniature coordinator for BENCON 2002, 2003 increased events by 25%. 

Currently employed at Sun Microsystems

Favorite games:  Everway, Savage Worlds, AD&D 1st edition.


Wendy Eberhart – Assistant Plot Director

Wendy has been playing D&D since she was a young girl. 

Her Dad introduced her to the game.  She has only LARPed with NERO beginning in 2001.

Favorite games: Starcraft, D&D, and Grave Robbers from Outer Space.


Eric Bergstrom – Assistant Plot Director

Plot NERO Colorado 1997 – 1998.  LARP Coordinator at BENCON since 1994. Runs role-playing and AD&D at BENCON.

Currently employed with the U.S. Geological Service.

Favorite games:  Dr. Who RPG, Legend of the 5 Rings CCG, Talisman


Nick Pinkernell - IT Manager.

Full time programmer and host of our website. 

He has also played NERO since 2001. 

Favorite games: D&D 3rd edition, Alternity, and Shadowfist.


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