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Additional Live Adventure Services

Let The Live Adventures Company produce your next live event.


Wellness Programs:
Give your employee the gift of a weekend vacation in a fantasy medieval environment. Special deals can be made to accommodate any number of guests at events.

Team Building Programs: Whether you have 5 or 3,000 employees, we have a series of adventures to put them through that will get them thinking outside the box and in different directions. They will be talking about the teamwork they used to defeat there adversary for weeks afterward.

Sword Fighting Tournament: The perfect birthday party. we will spend 2 or 4 hours at your location, teach everyone how to use a latex foam sword, and run a minimum of five 8-person single elimination tournaments. These tournaments are sanctioned by The Sword Fighters Guild.

Live Adventure™ Events: Having a Birthday party? Let us bring an adventure to your party. We will dress your attendees in medieval clothes, teach them how to fight with foam swords, and direct them through an adventure they will never forget. Medieval Adventurers & Indiana Jones environments available.

Interactive Actors: Do you have a special occasion that you need a few good people to mingle with your attendees. If you are having a party based in a medieval atmosphere? Need a few Pirates or Noblemen or a swashbuckler to interact with your masquerade ball attendees? Do you need food servers? Our Actors have years of experience and are located all over the United States and Canada. Let us bring your party life.

Interactive Tavern: We have produced an Interactive Tavern two times thus far, at GenCon Indy 2002 and Origins 2005, both based on the NERO world of Tyrra, and both of which were successful. A staff of ten remain at the Medieval Tavern and present the Live Adventure rules and scenario to those individuals who arrive to play. We transform a set of rooms into a dungeon adventure scenario and run interested parties through the adventures.. We also offer combat resolution systems using foam swords and sorcery for those that want to try it.

Sword Fighter Champion Show:
The Sword Fighting Tourney's are everybody's favorite. We bring six champions, in full medieval armor, to your special event, game convention, or birthday party, and they put on a great big sword fighting show.  An arena is created where the champions battle each other while the event attendees place bets (with Chips we give out) among themselves and actors which are placed within their ranks. This is an exciting show as the sword fighters battle each other.

Live Chess Shows:
We can bring a complete chessboard and entertain you with a live chess tournament, or we can bring our staff and your party attendees can be the chess pieces. We create a chess board in a 40 foot by 40 foot area and the pieces battle it out with latex foam swords.

Contact  Joseph for more information on these services.

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