17/11 :  NERO LARP announces New NERO LARP Chapter in St. Louis Missouri


NERO® Live Adventure Games, LLC
Barnesville GA

November 16, 2011

Contact: Joseph Valenti
(914) 309 – 7718

The NERO LARP office announced the opening of its newest NERO LARP Chapter in the St. Louis Missouri area.

NERO Missouri is owned by William Wisner and will be using the NERO LARP Rule Book 9th Edition, available in PDF as a free download.

William currently produces a variety of events, including several major Inter-Kingdom Amtgard events with attendance ranging from 150-400 participants. The event most similar to a NERO LARP event is the annual Amtgard event Knoblander, http://knoblander.org

The NERO LARP Chapter is based out of Jefferson and St. Louis Counties, and will be primarily focusing on the Springfield / Branson, St Louis and the Columbia / Fulton areas. William plans on producing events throughout Missouri thru affiliates and campaign events.

NERO Missouri will be developing staff and the in-game LARP campaign over the next few months, with current plans to produce their first NERO LARP event in April 2012.

Promotional efforts will primarily include word of mouth, social media and attending local game conventions.

To learn all about NERO LARP events in the state of Missouri, visit Http://NeroMissouri.com

Visit Http://NeroLarp.com to Take the NERO LARP Tour, Open a NERO LARP Chapter or Find Company Contact information.


[Submitted by jvalenti]