12/03 :  NERO LARP office announces a new NERO LARP Chapter in the Southwestern Pennsylvania


NERO® Live Adventure Games, LLC
Barnesville GA

March 12, 2012

Contact: Joseph Valenti
(914) 309 – 7718

The NERO LARP office announced the opening of its newest NERO LARP Chapter in the Southwestern Pennsylvania area, NERO SWAG! (South-west Adventure Group)

NERO SWAG is owned by Cassandra Kirschbaum, Clinton Snyder and Vincent Errico and will be using the NERO LARP Rule Book 9th Edition, available in PDF as a free download.

The NERO SWAG owners have been actively involved with NERO as early as 1998. Between the three of them, their many roles have included Plot Team, Event Coordinator, Player Representative, and Logistics.
The NERO LARP Chapter is based out of Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania but spans much of Southwestern Pennsylvania and parts of Northeastern Ohio. They are dedicated to interact with nearby chapters to enhance the playing experience of local LARPers.

The NERO LARP SWAG Chapter will be developing plot teams, their web presence, their campaign and recruiting staff over the next few months. They will be hosting events as soon as possible. Watch for updates as the the NERO LARP Chapter grows.

Visit Http://NeroLarp.com to Take the NERO LARP Tour, Open a NERO LARP Chapter or Find Company Contact information.


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