23/07 :  NERO LARP Members Wanted: New LARP Documentary Series

   Hi Everyone:
I have been contacted by another hollywood group looking to do a LARP documentary.

New documentary series seeking LARP [Live Action Roll Play] enthusiasts.

Interested parties must have a true passion for LARPing and be an active participant in both the games and community.

Seeking interesting personal stories as well as intriguing LARP characters.

Individuals, couples and groups may apply.

Live auditions will be held in Los Angeles and via Skype for those who live in another city or state.

Apply by sending a video of yourself in character and then scheduling a live Skype session with the producers.

To inquire send e-mails to: casting©eyeboogie.com with Subject of LARP

Thank You
Joseph Valenti
[Submitted by jvalenti]