22/08 :  NERO LARP Office Announces a New NERO LARP chapter in South Carolina


NERO® Live Adventure Games, LLC
Barnesville GA 30204

August 22, 2012

Contact: Joseph Valenti
(914) 309 – 7718

The NERO LARP office is proud to announce the opening of its newest NERO LARP Chapter in the South Carolina area, NERO SC!

NERO SC is owned by Steve Reid and will be using the NERO LARP Rule Book 9th Edition, available in PDF as a free download.

Steve, along with his daughters, Cat and Anne, have been involved with NERO for over 10 years as players, staff, and plot and are even pictured in the 9th Edition NERO LARP Rule Book. They are pleased to be able to give back some of the excitement the game has given them.

The NERO SC plot line will be set in GreyHelm, where returning players can feel at home while experiencing new intrigues and adventures.

The NERO SC LARP Chapter is based out of Charlotte, NC area. The events will be at the King's Mountain State Park in South Carolina. The first event will be October 12-14, 2012.

Promotional efforts will primarily include internet and social media as well as word-of-mouth and grassroots efforts including local game convention attendance and active promotions at events that touch on aspects of the NERO game system.

Visit http://NeroSC.com/ for more information about NERO South Carolina, or contact Steven Reid via e-mail at TheKellian©gmail.com.

Visit http://NeroLarp.com to Take the NERO LARP Tour, Download the NERO Rule Book 9th Edition, Open a NERO LARP Chapter or find Company contact information.


NERO Live Adventures Games, LLC, is the largest LARP organization in the world today, with more than 50 chapters across three countries including the U.S., Canada and South Africa.

Joseph Valenti has been the president of NERO Live Adventure Games since 1998 and manages a staff of twenty across the country in support of the NERO LARP Organization.