20/10 :  2013 National Event Announcement

   NERO International is excited to announce the 2013 National Event will be held March 15-18th at A.H. Stephens State Park in Georgia. The event will be a four day, meaning we will be running story Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and wrapping things up Monday morning.

The 2013 NERO Larp National Event will weave an exciting mix of mystery, pageantry, conflict and achievement. NERO Atlanta is hosting the event, which is staffed with an assortment of representatives of National Plot, individual chapter plot teams and an army of volunteers.

The story-lines currently in development include administering of the Hollum Archwizard test, conflict with forgotten enemies who have spent years rebuilding their strength, a number of locally significant stories presented by participating chapter plot teams, a calling of the courts of the Avalonian Accords, and the opportunity to participate in an audience with the King of Evendarr!

Registration will be available soon. There are discounts available for traveling players, pre-paying players, and players who fill out the pre-registration form.

For more information, please check the NEROLARP.COM website. An index of information related to the event can be found in this thread. Make sure you check back often as we will be releasing information and in-game teasers on the NEROLARP.COM website periodically between now and the event!