15/05 :  The NERO Office is proud to announce the appointment of David Bliss as a Project Manager.


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May 14, 2013

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The NERO Office is proud to announce the appointment of David Bliss as a Project Manager.

David Bliss has been with NERO since forever, plays Prince Derek Blackstone (and rocked this March 2013 Event!), was the previous owner of NERO VALOR in VA, and is all around, like everyone else I seem to meet in NERO, a really pleasant person to be around and converse with.

David Bliss has stepped up in several ways;

1. As a Project Manager for the NERO Office, David will lead the effort to review all of the information received from Fran Moore and get it all scanned into the computer and onto the NERO LARP Tyrrapedia site.

2. David has been helping Derek Saluga of NERO Piedmont in the operation of that chapter since Derek got a promotion at work (congrats!)! He is also coordinating the August 2013 National 9-day event at NERO Piedmont.

3. David has also chosen to work with a few other NERO Owners/Members to get the NERO METRO DC, NERO VALOR games back up and running. The chapters have had a few challenges, mostly due to health issues and one of our owners being deployed.

Please join us in welcoming David Bliss to the NERO LARP National team as a Project Manager.

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